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9 Divas

Anuya Trivedi- The Change Within The founder of a playful organization, ‘Green Buddies’, Anuya was born… Read More Women ShineOctober 30, 2020 Shlokapreneur- Divyaa Divyaa an Economist, Shlokapreneur, Writer and Sochcaster is the Founder… Read More Women ShineOctober 30, 2020 Pooja Yadav- a Biker The country’s longest highway tunnel was inaugurated by PM Narendra… Read More […]

IT trending skill-set for Women

Data scientists are the analytics professionals responsible for acquiring, cleaning and transforming data to glean those invaluable insights. Organizations today are looking for people who possess the interests and skills that can make them successful data scientists and these skills include:it A love for numbers : People with a background in mathematics, statistics and the […]

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