How Women’s Equality Means Universal Growth

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Creating an open and equal space for women serves as a roadmap and inspiration for generations to come. Its message transcends gender boundaries, emphasizing that achieving equality for women is synonymous with societal progress and prosperity. This progress and change will eventually seep into further inclusion, and equity for everyone.

The World Economic Forum expects that it will now take more than 130 years to close gender gaps worldwide, up from about 100 years before the pandemic.

It is also important to note the interconnectivity of gender equality and socio-economic growth as uplifting and including women is a collective endeavour that enriches the lives of everyone. Given, Equity and Inclusion for all, women’s equality can serve as a template for growth and equality for all. Here is how growth for women means growth for everyone:

1.    Economic Growth

Equality is directly linked to economic growth and stability. When women are provided with equal opportunities in education, employment, and entrepreneurship, economies thrive. Closing the gender gap in the workforce can add trillions to the global GDP. The Gender Employment Gap Index (GEGI) indicates that on average across countries, long-run GDP per capita would be almost 20% higher if all gender employment gaps were to be closed. By increasing inclusion, societies unlock the potential of everyone. More people mean fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, innovation, etc., which leads to productivity and economic resilience.

2.    Education and Innovation

Ensuring women’s education translates to a brighter future for everyone. Enabling girls to access quality education equips them with the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to society. An educated woman can help an entire household that’s growing with time and be a role model for generations to come. Education for women also ensures better maternal and child healthcare and increased social mobility. Moreover, diverse perspectives generated by educating girls lead to innovative solutions and advancements across various fields.

3.    Social Harmony and Justice

Gender equality is intrinsically tied to social harmony and justice. Addressing gender-based violence, discrimination, and harmful cultural practices paves the way for a safer and more equitable society for all. When women are protected and empowered, families and communities flourish without the shadow of oppression. As an enhanced approach to Equity and Equality, men need to be encouraged to become active allies in the fight for gender equality not just in the workforce but in every aspect of life. Men who support gender equality become advocates for equal opportunities and can challenge harmful stereotypes that affect both women and men.

4.    Global Impact

An inclusive society can lead the global economy. We live in a diverse world with diverse perspectives. Different cultures around the globe have unique norms and challenges related to gender roles and equality. Sensitivity to cultural diversity ensures progress is respectful and meaningful. By fostering this cultural competence via awareness of Inclusion and Equity, economies can earn a strong voice in global politics and lead the way for equality.

5.    Organizational Benefits

Gender equality is a key factor in building inclusive workplaces. Diverse and equitable work environments lead to higher employee satisfaction, increased innovation, and improved financial performance. In addition to this, companies that prioritize gender equality are more likely to attract and retain diverse talent and clientele.

Empowering women as economic, political, and social actors can change policy choices and make institutions more representative of a range of voices. It is intertwined with the progress of the most marginalized among us. Creating safe spaces for gender equality fosters understanding and empathy at large. Women’s equality in the long run is a window that can bring in more Equality, Equity, and Inclusion.

 Shared By : Shruti Swaroop, 

                  Founder- Embrace Consultancy 

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