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Empowering Women in India’s Workforce

The talk about gender equity today is at a critical juncture. In India’s rapidly growing economy, a lot of work has been done in terms of parity, but there are miles to go before we can truly claim to be an unbiased nation. As we talk about how employee benefits help Indian women move up at work, […]

Fostering Inclusivity: Creating a Supportive Environment for Women in Real Estate

The world of real estate has long been dominated by men. An industry that is responsible for building homes for a population where women make up almost 50% must adopt an inclusive approach, striving to have as many women in leadership positions. As per statistics, women make up 33% of the workforce in India, while men are […]


In today’s world, equality for working women transcends mere opportunity. It signifies an environment where their potential isn’t defined by gender. It’s about fair wages, representation at all levels, and workplaces free from bias. Equality means shared responsibilities at home, erasing the “double shift.” It’s the right to voice opinions without prejudice and to rise […]

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