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The Secret Behind Cramp Relief Patches: Easing Menstrual Discomfort

Every month, countless women experience a natural but sometimes distressing phenomenon, which is menstrual cramps. These uncomfortable sensations stem from the body’s natural process of shedding the uterus lining. However, for many, the pain can be overwhelming, affecting their daily activities and overall well-being. Well, it’s now time to take your health into your own […]

Cruelty-free personal care brand : Justhuman

Justhuman, a cruelty-free personal care brand that combines cutting-edge skincare technology with neuroscience.With the festive season around the corner, Justhuman has recently launched Limited edition hampers created for those moments that call for a little something extra. From full-body bliss to head-turning hair, Justhuman product combinations are here to take your beauty routine to the next level.  The formulas […]

PraanaPoorna: Handcrafted and Natural products

At PraanaPoorna, we believe in the power of nature to revive and transform lives. Our brand story is one of passion, determination, and a deep-rooted commitment to creating a sustainable and healthier world.It all began with Smitha Kamath, a former IT professional from Bengaluru, who experienced the heart-wrenching ordeal of watching her two-year-old daughter suffer […]

World Health Day Special

The importance of mindful eating and how it can improve your health You might have very frequently heard of the term ‘mindful eating’. It is not a diet plan but rather a lifestyle of mindfulness. Mindful eating is a psychological process in which you pay full attention to your meal ignore any distractions and be fully aware of your experiences, cravings and physical […]

Rajni Mandhyan

Any goal seems tough until you give your hundred percent to it. I believe once your body mind and soul are fully focused on what you want nothing is I’m possible to achieve.The Journey of C3 Physio and Yogastation has been a remarkable one which started long back in the year 2000 with the conception […]

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