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Unveiling the Silent Revolution: Navigating the Digital World

The ophthalmologist’s words lingered in my mother’s ears, “-2.00  in the right eye and -0.75 in the left. You must ensure she wears her spectacles throughout the day.” The monstrous word “spectacles” echoed in my 8-year-old mind. The mere thought of having miniature windows strapped to my face and being the only person in my […]

Women in Corporate Leadership and their Challenges in Boardroom

When it comes to boardroom discussions, women in Corporate Leadership roles often have their own unique challenges that limit their ability to get involved and make a difference. Here are some of the concerns that women   often struggle with. Women are often left out in the cold in boardrooms where men still dominate. This can lead to feelings of invisibility and a sense that their perspectives aren’t valued or […]

World Health Day

Quote: You live longer and are happier if you lead a healthy life. One in four Indians is now in peril of dying from non-communicable conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular complaint, or cancer before they turn 70 due to the rising frequency of liver diseases in India. Bad habits like a poor diet, inactivity, erratic sleeping […]

World Health Day

Quote: Gold is one of the most important essence used in jewellery creation. Pure gold is believed to relieve pressure and has been shown to quicken the mending of injuries and blisters. Moreover, gold has demonstrated benefits for controlling body temperature, and strengthening the immune system. Silver and Gold Vermeil necklaces, rings, and other accessories […]

Veena Ashiya | Monrow Shoes

With a distinguished academic background, Veena holds a master’s degree in fashion management from NIFT, Bengaluru. Prior to founding Monrow Shoes and Accessories, Veena has been associated with several globally renowned organisations, including Tommy Hilfiger and Versace. With over 15 years of corporate experience, she brings a vast knowledge base of the fashion and lifestyle […]

Mansi Mehra: Standup Comedian

Mansi Mehra is an Indian-born standup comedian based out of Los Angeles, California. She has performed more than 200+ shows around the United States including shows with Abhishek Upmanyu, Zakir Khan etc. She has shared stage with several international comedians including Maz Jobrani, Margaret Cho, Amir K, and many more. She has hosted shows across […]

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