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With a distinguished academic background, Veena holds a master’s degree in fashion management from NIFT, Bengaluru. Prior to founding Monrow Shoes and Accessories, Veena has been associated with several globally renowned organisations, including Tommy Hilfiger and Versace. With over 15 years of corporate experience, she brings a vast knowledge base of the fashion and lifestyle industry to the platform. An optimist by nature, Veena has created a healthy, enriching, and agile work culture where the entire team believes in celebrating small wins. In a nutshell, Veena is a thought leader who is here to change the current status quo in the industry. Her unwavering perseverance and relentless pursuit of goals enabled her to unlock several astounding achievements, including cracking NIFT & passing with flying colours. With Veena at the help, Monrow Shoes and Accessories secured a second round of funding in just seven months, becoming the first women’s footwear brand to do so. Leveraging her sharp business acumen and extensive experience,

Veena envisions Monrow to become the market leader in the fashion-comfort category by 2025. When she’s not donning the entrepreneur hat, Veena loves travelling and meeting new people. A fitness enthusiast, she begins her day with her daily ritual of chanting and yoga. A firm believer in the transformative power of positive thoughts and vibes, Veena has started practising bio-productivity hacks like lighting soothing aroma candles, growing plants, installing swings, etc., at Monrow.I have had the honour of working with some of the great minds and iconic fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Versace before founding Mornow. Tommy Hilfiger was my first job, I worked as an assistant buyer till early 2009 and worked at Versace, New York, right after as a marketing assistant for about a year. At Versace, as part of the marketing team I learnt about brand image and how in a luxury industry, the brand image is most important. I also learnt about what’s exciting and what sells. And this learning laid the base for my future.

Coming from a Marwadi background where usually women do not own business, She was blessed to have parents who supported her dream and vision. Secondly her husband respected and nurtured her ambition to be where she is today. One of the biggest challenges that Women entrepreneurs have to face is of a solo founder. She comes from a family of Entrepreneurs,  my father is the founder of the well-known perfume brand Moksh. Having seen him work passionately towards his brand inspired her to fearlessly follow her calling. Her parent’s were a little hesitant.

The best thing about my journey was I knew what I was passionate about at a very early age which was fashion. I was raised by very progressive parents as they encouraged me to pursue my dream and raised me ambitiously. As a proud daughter of an entrepreneur, I understood why work and life has an intermingling flow to it. My motto is “ I love what I do and do what I love”. With a distinguished academic background, Veena holds a master’s degree in fashion management from NIFT, BengaluruNift was a very enriching experience on two fronts. At first I met a lot of people from the fashion industry and learnt about fashion as a form of art and science.Nift also adds a lot of value to the resume so it was a lot easier to come establish yourself the industry.Leveraging the sharp business acumen and extensive experience.

I think there are two major challenges faced by women, first I think is external as there is a lot of bias when it comes to women entrepreneurs. The general notion that oftentimes women’s contribution to their family or household will outweigh their responsibilities are work has been a difficult one change. Secondly, the internal challenges faced are based on self doubt. When you see people doubting your skills it takes away from your confidence. Believing in yourself and the hard work that you have put in is very important.

I envision Monrow to become the market leader in the fashion-comfort category by 2025. When I am not donning the entrepreneur hat, I love to travel and meeting new people. 

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