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Virtual Children’s Literature Fest

In these difficult times, when everything is shut from schools to offices. Children are the ones suffering the most.So, We decided to make a day Happy for the children and give them a new hobby, i.e. “Reading”In light of this, we are hosting a virtual event “Children Lit Festival”The day is going to be fun-filled […]

Santa Monica Beach : Shambhavi Mittal

Santa Monica Beach is the first beach I would like to visit once a year or maybe twice. At first, when I entered, I thought it was pretty chaotic, but when I saw the beach, I forgot about the chaos. Visiting it daily and relaxing at the beach made me realize the beauty in it.  […]

The Mask

Wearing a Mask isn’t a new normal It has had an existence eternal Tangible, intangible both but irrefragable Concealing myriad stories and fables His loathe masked behind. pretentious beguile  Her welling tears hidden by an ostentatious smile Her fear shrouded under overblown audacity  Her insignificance veiled with forged efficacy  His perfidy camouflaged by fond endearment  […]

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