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Virtual Children’s Literature Fest

In these difficult times, when everything is shut from schools to offices. Children are the ones suffering the most.So, We decided to make a day Happy for the children and give them a new hobby, i.e. “Reading”In light of this, we are hosting a virtual event “Children Lit Festival”The day is going to be fun-filled […]

#GETFUNDED : Virtual Funding Event

Women Shine & Naman Angels are organizing a Virtual funding event, #GETFUNDED which starts from 7th August’21, It is a Two- month-long Funding event. Who can apply: Startups, Women Founders, Co-Founders, or Women Directors, Entrepreneurs     Stages: Pre-seed, Seed-stage, Early Stage     Registration link: Register on the link below nd mail your pitches https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScSWv4Z35WcUoMW9v47MFeKjw1d28Tob-Km1IPtOQ4EEyzfpA/viewform    Event Flow: ” All About […]

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