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Cover Pic Credit: https://24newsdaily.com/ THE WOMEN REVOLUTION: Supreme Court allows women to take NDA exam, goes heavy on Army for ‘gender discrimination’ India is the world’s largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people. Where it makes progress towards development goals, the lives of hundreds of millions of people can be improved: in recent decades, India has […]

INDIA SHINES THROUGH TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020: Our heroes created history

INDIA SHINES THROUGH TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020: Our heroes created history India created Olympic history in Tokyo. Our performance in the world’s biggest sports platform has improved over the years but this time, our medal winners, our heroes have filled our hearts with pride. The sheer confidence of our athletes who have braved the Covid pandemic […]


The elegant traditional costume for Indian women yes, that’s a saree! Sari is a common and integral form of clothing for women across south Asia, draped around the body in different styles to form a garment. It is a seamless rectangular piece of fabric measuring between five to nine yards of varying pattern, colour, design, […]

REWIND 2020 !!

How was your year 2020?? rewind rewind You know when someone asks this question from you, several things pop up in our minds like a movie and thinking those things we sometimes feel very sad, sometimes bitter, and sometime very happy. It’s a mix feeling which we never had all these years. On 3rd Jan’21 […]

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