Pioneering Sustainable Growth and Women’s Empowerment: Suvarna Bhat

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Meet Suvarna Bhat, a mompreneur with a mission to empower communities, especially women in tier 2 and 3 cities, to thrive beyond survival. As the Founder of IIPL Consulting, Co-founder of Shreemz, and Founder of Bhoomiputri by Kadamba, she champions sustainable well-being. Suvarna’s career is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring leadership, and unwavering commitment to creating lasting social impact.

Her passion project focuses on creating eco-friendly businesses that address diverse community needs. Through Bhoomiputri, Shreem Fabrics, and Inquisite Innovations, Suvarna tackles food security, sustainable clothing production, and innovative housing solutions. Driven by core values of sustainability and social impact, she excels in multitasking and achieving results in dynamic environments.

WS: How are you building a Secure Foundation for communities, especially women, through your initiatives?

SB: My work directly addresses the core elements of “Roti Kapda Makkan”:

  • Food Security (“Roti”): Bhoomiputri empowers women in agriculture through sustainable practices. With the launch of our e-commerce platform,, we’re extending our reach, connecting women farmers directly with consumers.
  • Sustainable Clothing (“Kapda”): Shreem Lotus FABrics focuses on eco-friendly clothing production, offering long-term garment solutions.
  • Safe Shelter (“Makan”): Inquisite Innovations Pvt Ltd., founded by me, tackles the challenge of “Makan” by developing sustainable housing solutions.

WS: How do you go Beyond the Essentials to Empower Women Entrepreneurs?

SB: While “Roti Kapda Makkan” is crucial, my vision extends far beyond. Our initiatives focus on creating a future where communities, especially women, can not just survive, but flourish:

  • Empowering Women, Building Green Economies: Through ventures like Veecap Innovations LLP and We Empower, We Aim, we foster women’s entrepreneurship in eco-friendly sectors, catalyzing sustainable economic development within communities.
  • The Goal Brew: Storytelling for Sustainable Success: The Goal Brew initiative uses storytelling to inspire and equip aspiring women entrepreneurs, cultivating a healthy entrepreneurial mindset focused on sustainability.

WS: What inspired you to start Bhoomiputri, Shreem Fabrics, and Inquisite Innovations-IIPL, and how do they align with your vision for creating eco-friendly businesses?

SB: My vision is to create a thriving future where communities, especially women, can flourish beyond basic needs. This inspired Bhoomiputri, Shreem Fabrics, and Inquisite Innovations-IIPL, each addressing essential aspects of sustainability: food security, sustainable clothing, and innovative housing solutions.

WS: Can you share some specific challenges you’ve faced in scaling eco-friendly businesses, and how you’ve overcome them?

SB: Scaling eco-friendly businesses comes with hurdles such as market awareness, supply chain management, and balancing affordability with sustainability. We overcome these challenges through consumer education, strong partnerships, and optimizing production processes.

WS: How do you integrate principles of sustainability into the core operations of your businesses, from sourcing materials to production processes?

SB: Sustainability is at the core of our businesses, from sourcing organic materials to implementing energy-efficient technologies and utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials in our production processes.

WS: What are the social impact goals of your initiatives, particularly in terms of addressing food security, sustainable clothing production, and innovative housing solutions?

SB: Our initiatives address social impact through empowering women farmers, promoting ethical production practices, and providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions for communities.

WomenShine: How do you ensure that your businesses cater to the diverse needs of communities while maintaining eco-friendly practices?

Suvarna: We ensure inclusivity and accessibility by understanding community needs, offering product variety at different price points, and providing customization options where feasible.

WS: How do you balance the pursuit of sustainability with the need for profitability in your businesses?

SB: We strive for a win-win by envisioning long-term sustainability, optimizing operational efficiency, and seeking impact investors who value both social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

WS: Can you discuss any innovative approaches or technologies that you’ve implemented to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of your operations?

SB: We collaborate on e-commerce DIY tools with Team eSamudaay and explore new materials and technologies to enhance product sustainability and efficiency.

WS: As someone who excels in multitasking and achieving results in dynamic environments, how do you prioritize and manage your various initiatives effectively?

SB: I prioritize through a clear vision, setting measurable goals, building strong teams, effective delegation, and utilizing time management techniques.

WS: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start eco-friendly businesses with a focus on sustainability and social impact?

SB: I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to cultivate passion and perseverance, build a strong network, start small and scale gradually, and focus on measurable outcomes.

WS: Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations for furthering the mission of eco-friendly entrepreneurship and social impact through your ventures?

SB: I aim to expand the reach of our ventures, promote eco-friendly practices across industries, and advocate for policy changes that support sustainable businesses and social development.

Suvarna Bhat is a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to create a positive impact on the world. Her dedication to sustainable practices, women’s empowerment, and social well-being paves the way for a thriving future.

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-Team WS

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