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World Heart Day 2023: Unlock a healthy heart by embracing the power of quality sleep-Learn about the transformative power of quality sleep for a healthy heart

World Heart Day 2023 is a poignant reminder of the pivotal role that heart health plays in the lives of working women who often juggle multiple responsibilities while striving for excellence. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly, aiming for perfection in their professional and personal lives each day. However, amid the demands of their daily routines, […]

Cultivating Fertility through Nutrition: Enhancing Egg Quality for the Future

Women who are attempting to get pregnant or who intend to freeze their eggs are curious about how to increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and healthy eggs. The caliber of the eggs that are generated by the ovaries is one of the elements that influences fertility and pregnancy. Egg quality means the eggs’ capacity to […]

Unadulterated Goodness |Teena Abraham

Homes and Hills, a homegrown brand, offers a wide range of natural products like raw honey, authentic spices, dry fruits, coconut palm jaggery, and purest saffron. They are handpicked and procured through  “nature’s best produce”.  Most of them are a contribution from tribal farms and villages from higher ranges which support self-help groups and livelihoods. […]

Rashmi : Dhajcraft

Despite the fact that the term “entrepreneur” is gender-neutral, it has traditionally been associatedwith men. With the passage of time, the rise of female entrepreneurs in India has demonstratedthat women in business can achieve the same level of success as their male counterparts. Despitethis growth, female entrepreneurs still confront a number of specific hurdles. Low […]


Fashion, as commonly perceived by people, is often branded as frivolous, erratic, and impractical as well. Only people in the know can see the cyclic and evolutionary pattern of constantly changing fashion. What stays stable is classified as ‘Classic’. This is a fact that TCF (Textile, Clothing & Fashion) is indeed the biggest polluter on […]

Empower people : Saloni Bhardwaj

As far as I can remember, raising funds for charities has excited me ever since in school. While I started my career with BBC Radio in the UK and worked for television channels and print media in India, I was always looking to work with people in need. While in the US, I found myself […]

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