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Parul- Urmil : Nish Hair

Back in 2017, my mother (Urmil Gulati) and I collaborated and made our first ever Nish Hairpiece in the living room of our home. My mother was affluent in stitching, but when it came to hairpieces, it was her first time too. It was just the two of us initially. She knew how to stitch, […]

Rooshi and Zoya : Energy healer & Organic farmer

Better together they say and we the mother daughter duo are not just better but greater together. It’s believed that a daughter chooses her mother before she is born and I’m blessed to have a daughter like Zoya. A beautiful relationship that bloomed over years with moments of joy and challenges yet we continued to […]

Uplift each other and Rise together…..Malini Agarwal

“I realised I am happiest being an Optimist Prime! So, I’m making that a thing! You may not have realised this but your social media identity is a digital representation of who you are. And it’s leaving an ever-lasting imprint. So, make it a good one,” says Malini Agarwal when she recently stepped into the […]

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