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Top 5 Summer Destinations This Holiday Season

Image Source : google .com Summer is the season to laze around and take a break from your busy schedule. You plan your trips, and everyone is in a vacation mood. Some are fond of the warmth of beaches, and some prefer the serenity of mountains. So to help you with your travel destination list, […]

Santa Monica Beach : Shambhavi Mittal

Santa Monica Beach is the first beach I would like to visit once a year or maybe twice. At first, when I entered, I thought it was pretty chaotic, but when I saw the beach, I forgot about the chaos. Visiting it daily and relaxing at the beach made me realize the beauty in it.  […]

Hot Spell !!!

As the blistering June Sun is beating down, it’s time to establish a diet that includes foods that will keep your body temperature down. Hey, don’t just think of the foods that you extract from the cool recesses of your refrigerator – your favourite aerated drink or that pint of lager, but think beyond, because […]

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