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Nutrition Guidelines for Thalassemia Girls and Women: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that affects the production of haemoglobin, the protein responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. People with thalassemia require special attention to their diet to maintain optimal health and manage their condition effectively. This is true when it comes to thalassemia girls and women, as their nutritional needs may […]

Know What and How Pre-meal Nutrition

How Nutritious was your meal? This question might seem a little ambiguous. To bring things into perspective, let’s say that we get our dose of nutrition not just from the food we eat. Rather, a lot depends on the capability of the body to digest food and convert the nutrients into vital components and energy that the body […]

6 Healthy Food Eating Habits to Inculcate

A new year means new resolutions and also new eating habits, right? Well, either to look good or firm or to even stay healthy without losing or gaining much weight, some proper habits if inculcated into the routine may help one stay fit, fabulous and healthy! Some tips and habits mentioned below which one could […]

World Health Day Special

The importance of mindful eating and how it can improve your health You might have very frequently heard of the term ‘mindful eating’. It is not a diet plan but rather a lifestyle of mindfulness. Mindful eating is a psychological process in which you pay full attention to your meal ignore any distractions and be fully aware of your experiences, cravings and physical […]

Chicken pineapple salad

Method For salad 1. Chop all the vegetables, broccoli, pineapple, and chicken in small chunks In almost the same bite-size. 2. Put into a large bawl3. In another bowl mix dressing ingredients like Mayonnaise, Olive oil, salt, pepper,  mustard sauce, cream and hung curd and mix well.4. Now pour this dressing into the salad and toss well. 5. Sprinkle […]

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