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As a world, along with COVID-19, we are battling a lot many things – depression, anxiety, bleakness, violence and the Overall health depends on the condition of the skin and hair because they serve as the body’s main barriers to external dangers like pathogens, UV radiation, and mechanical harm. Many people think that having a […]

Hairstyles Made Easy via Tik Tok

After being quarantined for nearly two months, Tik Tok has become a worldwide hit amongst all youngsters and the Gen Z. It has a range of fashionable things for girls and women across the world to follow such as beauty hacks, braided hairstyles, on the go makeup and makeup hacks. Makeup tutorials are all going super […]

Kosmoderma Research Centre: formulating skin, hair, and body care products suited best for Indian skin types.

This Mother’s Day, show your love in the most meaningful way possible and make it a day that your mother will cherish forever. surprise your mother by gifting skincare. With so many gift options available, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. To make your search easier, we’ve put together a list of unique and […]

Hair Colour Trends On the Bucket-List Today

Hair trends are always changing and evolving. To be updated and in touch with what is in and what is out, one needs to keep watching and reading to update the styles. But, if one is trying to outdo others in going about doing something different, unique and innovative, an informed decision is worth doing. 2023 […]

Hair Trends for 2023

1. Slick Artistry – Slick, gelled-up trends are big this year. They allow many designers and hairstylists to get their creative juices flowing. Whether the hairstyle includes top knots, ballet buns or even Croydon face-lift ponytails or gel-kissed curls, more ornate and architectural shapes. Lily James followed this look for the British Fashion Awards. Hersheon’s […]

Parul- Urmil : Nish Hair

Back in 2017, my mother (Urmil Gulati) and I collaborated and made our first ever Nish Hairpiece in the living room of our home. My mother was affluent in stitching, but when it came to hairpieces, it was her first time too. It was just the two of us initially. She knew how to stitch, […]


     आरवी  और गर्व में दोस्ती थी ,  उन दोनों के बीच क्लास में प्रथम पोजीशन के लिये हमेशा  कंपटीशन रहता था  …. इधर कुछ दिनों से गर्व को बार बार बुखार आ जाता था \ वह कमजोर भी होता जा रहा था … जब उसके पापा ने उसको दिल्ली ले जाकर सब टेस्ट कराये […]

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