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Theory of Reference Building: Legacy Matrix authored by PR and Brand Consultant Devesh Purohit is an outcome of 12 years of qualitative research. It is a framework and concept for the legacy building of brands. The focused brand can be an individual, a product, a service or an organization.

The concept, framework, theories and matrix of the research are presented in a book format for planning the legacy of the brand focus by the decision maker. The universal and fundamental elements must be creatively planned and integrated based on the vision, goals, target audience, background and other factors.

Legacy Matrix is the brainchild of Devesh Purohit and he retains all the rights about it as a proprietor. Legacy Matrix as an intellectual property has business applications and the author Devesh Purohit has mentioned the potential revenue generation approaches in the Business Model chapter. Interested Entrepreneurs, Investors and Organizations can connect with Devesh to explore business synergies. Devesh has tactically used the book as a business asset to connect with relevant stakeholders.

The book has an innovation with original theories of the Circle of Legacy Building, Theory of Reference Building and Poetry as a PR Tool researched and developed by Devesh Purohit in the field of Public Relations. It is a treasure for artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who wish to craft a legacy and leave something behind remarkable beyond their human lifespan.

Devesh explains with his extensive research that the history of the world has been the history of a few people with great PR minds. The book concludes that Legacy is built in the culture and hence for any brand to become a legend or legacy they have to penetrate multiple cultures and create its own cultural identity.

Theory of Reference Building: Legacy Matrix is available on Amazon India, Flipkart and Google Play.

Amazon India: https://www.amazon.in/Theory-Reference-Building-Legacy-Matrix/dp/9356215561/ref=sr_1_1

Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/theory-reference-building-legacy-matrix/p/itmebcbd53dc8f4c?pid=9789356215566&lid

Google Playstore:https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=vTDyEAAAQBAJ

OrangeBooks Publication BookStore Page: https://wissenbookstore.com/product/theory-of-reference-building-legacy-matrix/

Shared By: Devesh Purohit,

About Us: Devesh Purohit is a PR Consultant with expertise in brand legacy building. In a career span of a decade, he has worked with 70+ brands from varying niche that enriched his experience and insights. Academically, Devesh is a Gold Medallist in MAPR from Hinduja College, Mumbai and he graduated with a BMS from the renowned Mithibai College. He is the author of Theory of Reference Building: Legacy Matrix book developed with 12+ years of research.  As a PR Consultant, Devesh’s expertise includes PR Planning, Thought Leadership Planning, Brand Advocacy, Public Affairs tracking, Reputation Management, Brand Storytelling and Content Strategy. Legacy Matrix is his ambitious project that transforms the mindset of business leaders from brand building to legacy building and provides a customizable blueprint for the legacy building of brands. As intellectual property, Legacy Matrix upskills PR professionals for PR strategy, brand building and brand advocacy and enhances the PR role of presence building to power building.



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