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Sujata, Vaishali : Mellow

Vaishali Sharda, CEO, Mellow by Marudhar Herbals at your perusal. Our Collab: 1. Collaboration: My mother, Sujata Sharda started Mellow in 2008 and grew the brand over the years. As a child, I was the inspiration behind the inception of the brand when my ailing hair problems led my mother to search for the solution in […]

women entrepreneurship

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice.” – Michelle Obama With this objective in mind, Women Who Win gave an opportunity to women to celebrate their unique stories through our campaign ‘WWW WONDER WOMANIYA 2021’. This campaign was conceptualised to support women […]

Women Entrepreneurship- the ladies with resilience

Women Entrepreneurship- the ladies with resilience It’s challenging to be an entrepreneur and even more so being a female business leader. Women who enter into businesses may experience many daunting challenges, including finding a support network that shares their understanding and goals, balancing work and family life, and defying social expectations.  However, the benefits are […]

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