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Forging the Future: Women Leadership Shapes India’s Steel Industry

Gone are the days when the iron and steel industry was considered off-limits for women. Today, more and more women are joining the industry and making significant strides. The barriers that once stood in our way are gradually crumbling, thanks to a growing awareness of gender equality and a shift towards inclusive work environments. The future is promising and holds immense opportunities for women to thrive in […]

Environmental Aspects of ACP

Association for Craft Producers (ACP), a non-profit and a non-government fair trade organization. ACP was incepted in 1984 to provide regular design expertise, technical assistance, management as well as marketing to low-income craft producers in general and women craft producers in particular which results in regular adequate wages to supplement the family income and improve […]


The era of start-ups is in its golden period, in spite of the slow down, crashing unicorns & unprofitable businesses. Why? Because the ecosystem of start-ups has now matured. The number of patents has tripled in the last 5 years; however, women hold only 22.9% of patents internationally. In India, the percentage is much less. But are we ready for women-led […]

On World Music Day, Ace Lyricsit Dr Sagar Takes Us Down To The Memory Lane Back In 2011 Where Shreya Ghoshal sang For His Debut Song.

“Shreya Ghoshal’s soulful voice breathed life into my words”, says ace lyricist Dr Sagar on World Music Day World Music Day, celebrated on the 21st of June each year, unites music lovers worldwide in a celebration of the universal language of melodies. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of music, breaking barriers […]

“My Super Hero-My Dad”

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing Dad who is the most Handsome, strong, and kind in the world! Your love, care, and support mean everything to me. You inspire me every day with your endless love and dedication. Your love has shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for showering me […]

Fostering a Leadership Culture

Leaders should openly motivate, encourage, and acknowledge the small achievements of individuals and departments. By fostering a culture of self-reflection, leaders can identify and address their own biases, creating a more inclusive leadership style. Institutions should foster a culture of accountability among academic leaders. Faculties and staff often leave for other colleges, not solely for […]

Breaking the Mould: Women Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Industries

Amidst the ever-evolving business landscape, a transformative phenomenon is taking shape as a wave of exceptional women entrepreneurs defies the odds and reshapes industries. Visionary women are breaking barriers, pushing boundaries, and carving their paths to greatness. With their unique perspectives and creative problem-solving approaches, they are not only transforming businesses but also inspiring a […]

Somy Ali on World Child Labour Day

Child labour can result in extreme bodily and mental harm, even death… also lead to slavery, and sexual or economic exploitation Many children all around the world are not just orphaned, deprived or tortured, but the alarming increase in child labour has been a point of concern. Their poor working conditions at a time when […]

World Brain Tumor Day

Brain tumor awareness is crucial for the general public as it helps individuals understand the basics of brain tumors, their symptoms, and the importance of early detection and treatment. Here’s some information about brain tumors in a layman-friendly manner: What is a brain tumor? A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. These cells multiply uncontrollably and form a mass or tumor that can interfere with normal brain functions. […]

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