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Journey of Determination & Resilience: Supriya Agarwal

1. What inspired you to transition from interior design to establishing your bespoke interior studio, “Style & Spaces”? My transition from interior design to establishing my bespoke interior studio, “Style & Spaces,” was inspired by a combination of factors rooted in my passion, creativity, and desire for personalized design solutions. My journey began with a […]

Discipline, Dedication and Determination: Jhinuk

Could you share some insights into your background? At what age did your journey in dance begin, and what inspired you to start? J:    I started my rendezvous with dance at my 4th birthday party I guess, where my mom spotted me jumping and moving to the songs being played. She sensed that I had an […]


“The mind is its place and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven.” John Milton – Paradise Lost We are on the threshold of 2023 ready to step into the New Year 2024 with a lot of aspirations and expectations of a better life for all humanity.  We dream […]

Actress Jyoti Saxena

Actress Jyoti Saxena Is Roaring High On India Being In The Finale, Expresses Her Excitement To See India Lift The ICC World Cup Trophy Actress Jyoti Saxena Says, “I am very sure It’s time for India to shine on the world stage once again and bring that trophy back home after 12 Long years.” In […]

Nithila Das: Breaking all Barriers in Racing Circuit

At the age of 13, while most kids are juggling between school homework and enjoying the dawn of ‘teen years’, Nithila Das stands out as a remarkable young talent with her eyes firmly set on the Olympics. A motorbiking and cycling prodigy, she has already earned the title of the ‘Fastest Girl In India’ at the FIM Mini […]

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