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Nithila Das: Breaking all Barriers in Racing Circuit

At the age of 13, while most kids are juggling between school homework and enjoying the dawn of ‘teen years’, Nithila Das stands out as a remarkable young talent with her eyes firmly set on the Olympics. A motorbiking and cycling prodigy, she has already earned the title of the ‘Fastest Girl In India’ at the FIM Mini […]

Women Empowerment in India: Breaking Gender Bias and Celebrating “Nari Shakti.”

Women empowerment is a critical issue that has gained significant attention in India over the years. Despite the country’s progress in various sectors, women still face numerous challenges due to deep-rooted gender bias. However, a remarkable transformation is taking place as women in India are embracing their boldness and fighting for their rights. A Barrier […]

How Women’s Mental Health Affects Their Career Relaunch

For many women, taking a break from their careers, and nurturing their young ones in their families is a necessity. Unfortunately, women who are keen to return to the workforce after a break do face several challenges. Mental health is one of such major areas of concern for mothers returning to work, relaunching their careers. […]

Quotes: from ENGN Athletes for World Fitness Day | Health

ENGN an athlete representation company that exclusively works with Indian sportswomen.  ENGN follows a 360-degree management approach where it will not only bring in sponsorship but also provide athletes access to the right nutrition and mental health coaches along with providing them financial support for training within the country as well internationally. Anoli Shah, International Medallist, Speed Skating,ENGN :  […]

Shruti Mishra, a Corporate Professional

Ms. Shruti Mishra is born and raised in Delhi. She always did well in school as a young kid whether it was in academics or extra-curricular activities. Particularly her father, who never prevented her from going all out to study and work, her parents have been a huge source of encouragement for her. They have been her biggest […]

New Cherie Blair Foundation for Women strategy to tackle gender gap in entrepreneurship and revolutionise business opportunities for over one million women entrepreneurs

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has launched a new landmark organisational strategy. ‘Ready for Business’ will see the NGO significantly scale up its work to revolutionise business opportunities for one million more women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries by 2030—the end point of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—and rapidly accelerate progress […]

Aditi Gupta: A Content Marketing & Personal Branding Expert You need to Follow This Year

You probably know that three out of four startups fail. It is impossible for freelancers and small business owners to establish themselves without credibility. No matter what business, you have to position yourself in remarkable practices to stand out from the crowd. Two proven methods to stand out are to have a well thought content […]

Literacy India celebrates ‘Women for Women’

Felicitates active women volunteers on International Women’s Day for their efforts and contributions to various CSR initiatives March 07, 2023, Delhi: Celebrating women for their unstinted support towards the community, Literacy India today felicitated women heading the CSR initiatives of various corporates houses with a ‘Women for Women, Certificate of Appreciation’.  With their sensibility towards […]

बेटियाँ तुम शक्ति रूपिणी हो

प्यारी बेटियाँ  अब जरूरत है कि   तुम दुर्गा बनो तुम तो शक्ति रूपिणी हो  तुम इंदिरा की संतान हो  अपनी शक्ति को पहचानो अपने अस्तित्व के लिये , अपने स्वत्व के लिये संघर्ष करो  भावनाओं में बह कर  किसी के कंधे का सहारा मत लो  क्योंकि तुम्हारे चारों तरफ  नरभक्षी प्यार का नाटक  करके तुम्हें […]

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