Aditi Gupta: A Content Marketing & Personal Branding Expert You need to Follow This Year

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You probably know that three out of four startups fail. It is impossible for freelancers and small business owners to establish themselves without credibility. No matter what business, you have to position yourself in remarkable practices to stand out from the crowd.

Two proven methods to stand out are to have a well thought content marketing strategy and build your personal brand. The more you grow as a brand, the more sociable proof you earn. Accordingly, the more social proof you earn, the more leads and clients come to you wanting to give you their hard-earned money.Want to discover, build and expand your personal brand with content strategy and marketing? Then the only person you need to follow is Aditi Gupta. She is a Content Writer & Strategist, a Govt of India Recognized: MSME Expert Marketing Content Writer/Copy Writer & Trainer; Founder of Content Cappuccino and Co-Founder of Brand and Beyond IT. Here is her journey in her own words:

“It is always interesting to learn how words can help you create a beautiful story. Professionally, I am a content writer and strategist who deals with different content strategies to help your business stand out from the crowd.

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

Before jumping on to the main part, let me set the context for you! Being a graduate in Biology, I would say that the quirky quote ‘Scientists can do anything!’ actually stood real for me when I decided to be a writer after completing my bachelor’s degree. At that point in life, I didn’t know anything about the career scope of a writer, let alone, a Content Designer and brand Designer.

I started writing six years ago; at that time, I was not a professional writer. I started writing for different social media content, infographic content, banner content and so on.

It makes me feel wonderful that I write the post or image content you’re sharing! Seeing this, inspired me that yeah, I have written this content, and it’s going viral. People love it.

People always think that content writing or copywriting is similar to data entry! Seriously!! Please don’t spoil our images. To choose your career as a content writer every day, you need to improve yourself.

Social media content calendars, infographics or banner image content are easy to produce as you know the details about that product or service. But when I started writing blogs or articles, I felt it took a lot of struggle to create any blog or articles because of the tremendous amount of research and study that went behind it.

Under strong mentors and leadership, I started shifting the tone of my copies from a quirky marketing language to a very objective standpoint. As we all know, change doesn’t happen overnight so it took time for me also but I understood that being a freelancer who is associated with most service-oriented organisations, all my work needs to be around customer education and satisfaction. With that being said, here is my biggest takeaway to date:

● Message delivery within limitations

My biggest lesson was to understand the portrayal of creativity within some essential constraints. Now, I won’t lie that I didn’t question these limitations, I surely did! But, later I realised that wordplay within specific restrictions actually induces more creativity. Although, just clearing out that when I say ‘restrictions’ it actually means character limit, a uniform tone of copies, the voice of sentences, and so on and so forth. You don’t need any degree to become a content writer. It’s the thing that comes within you. Sometimes it happens when you create something, others copy that content and give their own names. But always remember — Anyone can copy your creation, but no one can copy your creativity, passion, talent & wisdom.”

“Be your best always! “
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