Orion’s Call

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As the stars flowered upon the evening ether,
And the moon illumined fair Andromeda’s face
Orion called to me, in a hushed, godly whisper,
So toward him I trod, in lovely moonlit grace!

We paced round heaven, and like starry spirits moved,  
Of my humanity, no one could ever tell!
Until my mortality, did itself come prove,
And I  like Icarus, into nothingness  fell!

Then, as though a corpse, I stared at Orion above
Never could I be, as unwavering as he!
Nor could my sinner heart, who had but loved, and loved,
Although its music sweet, would one day cease to be!

When came that day, the moonbeams buried me to sleep
My spirit fled its skin, its damned purgatory!
Starlit Orion, then dropped his weapons, and did weep
“The fruits she laboured, all for mortality?”

No, Orion! – For my skin shall bloody roses birth,
I shall be the lover, to this sad, forlorn Earth!
Why must mortality be so sickening,If death is to  become my new beginning?

Shared by: Shubhasmi Niranjan.M,

Grade 10C, Dr.Pillai Global Academy, Gorai 



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