Being Human Honors Farmers’ Associations for Sustainable Practices at India Fashion Forum 2024

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In a poignant display of commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, it was Being Human Clothing, a leading brand in a conscious fashion, honoured farmers’ associations for their exemplary sustainable practices at the India Fashion Forum 2024. Hosted as part of the prestigious Images Fashion Awards, the event celebrated the glamour of the fashion industry and its growing emphasis on ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.

Mr. Bijou Kurien, Chairman, of the Retailers Association, took the opportunity to recognize and applaud the efforts of the Anandhi Farmer’s Association, Pratima Organic Grower Group, and Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Limited.

These associations have demonstrated outstanding dedication to sustainable agriculture, fair trade practices, and environmental conservation, aligning closely with Being Human’s ethos of promoting fairer trading conditions and environmental sustainability. Being Human Clothing showcased its commitment to conscious fashion creation, exemplified by its association with Fairtrade International. The brand’s collaboration with Fairtrade emphasizes fairer trading conditions for farmers, promoting fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmental sustainability. Being Human’s initiative has already impacted the lives of over 1500 farmers and continues to make a positive difference.

Through its association with Fairtrade International, Being Human has championed the cause of ethical sourcing and  sustainable agriculture. The brand’s collaboration with these farmers’ associations underscores its commitment to supporting and empowering communities while fostering environmental stewardship in the fashion supply chain.

The India Fashion Forum 2024 served as a platform to celebrate fashion innovation and the brands’ efforts towards social and environmental responsibility. Being Human’s initiative to honour farmers’ associations reflects its unwavering commitment to driving positive change and making a meaningful difference in the lives of people and the planet.

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