Empowering Change: Female Developers Revolutionizing Indian Real Estate through Green and Eco-Friendly Investments

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As Oprah Winfrey aptly puts it, “Think like a queen. A queen isn’t fearful of failing. Failure is a step towards greatness.” This perfectly describes the development that female builders are taking in India who aren’t only stepping stones but are advancing into making real estate more sustainable by investing in green and sustainable investment.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India has seen a dramatic change, with women accounting for around 14% of entrepreneurs. This dramatic increase is part of the general trend of increasing female participation in various industries that are pioneering change with sustainability being at the top of the list. Additionally, women are now the owners of more than 20% of MSMEs in India which is a substantial percentage of the nation’s workforce which stands at 37%. These are not just numbers; they reveal the increasing power of women in sectors that are traditionally dominated by men.

In the real estate industry, which accounts for more than 36% of total energy use and almost 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, the necessity of a sustainable change is undisputed. Female developers are leading this shift, driving acceptance of green building practices that not only minimize the environmental impact but also bring huge economic advantages. Green buildings, when used as an environmentally sustainable option, can reduce the use of 30% of energy and 50% of water usage which makes them not just sustainable but also economically viable.

The push for green investments in real estate led by female entrepreneurs is changing the field. They aren’t just building structures; they are creating ecosystems that encourage green living as well as a better living environment. They are using innovative technology as well as sustainable building materials to build structures that are water efficient, energy efficient, and have a less carbon footprint.

This change is backed by a variety of policies and initiatives by the government to encourage the development of green structures. Programs such as Smart Cities Mission and AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) provide an opportunity for developers to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability. In addition, financial incentives, like tax incentives and subsidies make it easier for women-owned businesses to invest in green projects.

The positive impact of these eco-friendly buildings goes beyond their environmental benefits. They change the way people view them. In launching such initiatives, the female developer is challenging traditional gender roles that are prevalent in Indian society and encouraging the next female generation to take up a career in real estate. 

Shared by : Ms. Amrita Gupta,
Director of Manglam Group and  Founder President of CREDAI Rajasthan Women's Wing

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