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Young India as the catalysts for social change

Shruti Swaroop, Founder of Embrace Consultancy talks about the potential of Young India in driving growth and effecting social change. Every generation brings a new wave of change with it. Young India’s approach, awareness and willingness to challenge ingrained norms has the potential to not only drive growth but also bring about social change. Often at the forefront of […]

Women’s Lifestyle: The essential components and Its Dynamics

In today’s expeditious world, women are embracing and enjoying diverse lifestyles that include a variety of roles and responsibilities. From maintaining a balance in her professional life to her relationships, health and self-care, the modern woman wants equilibrium and well-being in every aspect of her life. This article examines these essential components of a woman’s lifestyle, […]

Environment – A Therapy for Mental Health

A variety of things play a role in poor mental health. Genetics, past experiences, and diet have many impacts on life. However, many of us overlook the variables when attempting to identify the root causes of our mental health issues in which we go about our daily lives. According to Gurpreet Arora, founder of Make Me Pure-  It is crucial […]

Mother-Son Duo Doing Business Together In the Social Sector

In today’s fast-paced world, we often hear about successful mother-daughter duos in the businessworld. But what about mother-and-son teams? In recent years, there has been a growing trend ofthese duos working together to make a positive impact in the social sector.These amazing moms and sons bring their skills and viewpoints to help their communities. Theyare […]

Sanvi Indukuri / Mohana Indukuri : Orenda

THE EMPOWERED WOMAN IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE AND BEAUTIFUL BEYOND DESCRIPTION At Orenda the duo strongly believes that every woman with zeal and enthusiasm should be given the opportunity to experience the joy and pride of working for themselves irrespective of social constraints. Thus, we have taken up this initiative where we identify their individual skillets […]

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