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Saree as Formal Wear

In the realm of formal attire, the saree stands as a timeless and versatile garment that seamlessly blends tradition with sophistication. Its inherent grace and charm make it a popular choice for various formal occasions, be it corporate events, official functions, or ceremonial gatherings.The saree’s adaptability lies in its ability to transcend cultural boundaries while […]

A Palette of Possibilities: Chiffon Sarees in a Rainbow of Colors

Chiffon sarees, with their diaphanous grace and versatility, offer a kaleidoscope of colours that cater to every taste and occasion. From the soft pastels to the vibrant hues, chiffon sarees adorn the Indian ethnic landscape with a rich and diverse spectrum of colours that evoke myriad emotions and set the stage for memorable moments. Elegance in Pastels Chiffon sarees in soft […]

Crafting serenity: Mandala-Inspired Handmade Gifts for a Peaceful Festive Season

Our Indian culture is rich with many kinds of events & festivals without restricting any religion. As our roots are in agriculture, most Indian festivals are linked with harvesting. After long hard work, it brings happiness and prosperity, so it becomes time for celebration. Saint Kalidasa says, “उत्सवप्रिया: खलु मनुष्या:” means humans love to celebrate the festivals. […]

Ritabhari Chakraborty’s 4 Festive Saree Looks for Durga Puja

Durga Puja is not just a celebration, it’s a fashion extravaganza! And who better to take style inspiration from than the talented and fashionable Ritabhari Chakraborty? Here are four festive saree looks that you can ace this Durga Puja, inspired by Ritabhari herself. Black Affair Saree Ritabhari’s simple personified look in this black saree is […]

Underrated Dishes in India

Indian cuisine is widespread and lavish and has so much variety, some dishes are overly hyped and others are not even discovered or rather require some amount of attention because them tasting so good that they melt in the mouth as soon as it is consumed! This article discusses the most underrated dishes in India. 1.    Kosha Mangsho – […]

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