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मेरी प्रिय टीचर

श्रीमती छाया मुकर्जी, उनकी स्टाइलिश साड़ी , जूड़े में लगा गुलाब , वह इग्लिश टीचर थीं . मैं 9 th में थी …पढाई से जी चुराने वाली , टेस्ट वाले दिन जानबूझ कर घर बैठ जाती . उन्होंने मुझे अपने कमरे में बुलाया , मैं डरी सहमी सी उनके पास पहुँची तो मेरी कॉपी पलटते […]

Rashmi Srivastava

Rashmi Srivastava The famous quote, ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’ consummately describes the progression in my career. It began in 1997 as a fresh graduate when I chanced upon this opportunity to work as a teacher to fill a leave vacancy, a three-month contract. The subjects allotted to me were […]

Vineeta Kamran

Dr. (Mrs.) Vineeta Kamran Dr. (Mrs.) Vineeta Kamran (M.A., M. Phil. Ph.D., English) has emerged as a dynamic academician and has been the Principal for the last thirty years. She is also the Founder – Principal of City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Campus, Lucknow. Dr. Kamran has been trained by QCI International, USA and has travelled widely all […]

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