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His heart beats for her, 

But hers stopped beating a long time ago 

His heart yearns for her 

But she is no more. 

Memories he beholds, 

He remembers all the stories she told. 

His heart that used to be warm is now nothing but cold. 

He cries in her 

memory, He still lives in 


For her. 

His heart still beats for her, 

Even though hers stopped beating a long time ago. A long time ago.

That’s what I call love. 

That’s what I call love.

Shared by : Sirjan

Author’s bio: Sirjan is an aspiring young writer who eloquently expresses her ideas through words, driven by a profound desire to create a positive impact on the world. Her dedication to social work further exemplifies her commitment to spreading positivity and making a difference in people’s lives.


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