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In 1970, Leo Baekeland invented the Bakelite- the first plastic. Since then plastics have been widely adopted in various industries. Furthermore, plastic was seen as a viable alternative to many other uses of that era. It was cheap to produce, strong enough and resistant to corrosion. However, the fact that plastic does not decompose is […]

Creating a World of Sustainability

“On the occasion of World Environment Day, we express our solidarity with the global community in the mission to combat plastic pollution. We understand the urgent need to tackle the plastic pollution crisis and its devastating impact on our ecosystems. With unwavering commitment, we have taken significant strides to minimize single-use plastics in our restaurant – Maayaa and […]

Lessening The Carbon Footprint

Increased levels of Carbon footprint has become a global issue. It is creating havoc for both man and animals. All the nations have pledged to get a zero carbon footprint by the year 2050.But what is this Carbon footprint which is causing havoc for all living beings.carbon footprint is said to be the amount of […]

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