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[17th September 2020, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh] NurtureLife is a Non ProfitOrganisation built around mental health


Nurture Life is a non-profit organization established with the aim of providing solution to the mental health issues which are prevalent in our society.It is founded by Farah Sarosh.NurtureLife is based in Lucknow that works in the field of Mental Health not only in India but also in other parts of the world like Constanta,Romania,Yale,USA. Nurture Life is growing towards its determined goals by overcoming rigid and tough situations because mental health problems often relate to various complex issues. We started with primary mission to reach grass root level because our conservative society people feel very uncomfortable in realizing and sharing their mental health problems with others, hence Nurture Life uses various tools of social awareness to eradicate and overcome this social stigma.

We have come up with a online talk show called ‘NurtureLife Talks with Sahar’ to be active amidst the COVID-19 times where everyone can access snippets of the life of those who have previously worked in the entertainment industry and are showcasing their talent and hard work till date and share their journey and struggles, and most importantly, share how they have gotten through their days of struggles. Our online talk show is hosted by Sahar Quaze and features a variety of artists and celebrities who have worked in the entertainment industry. We have had Lilliput Farouqui-a comedy actor and writer, Sharib Hashmi-an actor in various National Award winning films and has been in Slumdog Millionaire, an Oscar winning film,Iqbaal Rizvi-A well knowndirector, NatashaaIyer- An award winning director, producer and an actress, RJ ShaguftaBaig-a Radio AIR and a voice artist, Karan Bhangey- an entrepreneur and our most recent episode featuringDr. Aqsa Shaikh-a teacher, writer and an activist. During these conversations we dig deeper into their understanding of their respective industries and their coping mechanism which has driven them to their stage of success. Some seem to not dwell upon the negativity and others understand that the highs and lows are a part of the industry and in order to survive, one must make their mind strong enough that no matter what the setbacks are, the only way to succeed is to keep working and learn from the setbacks. While one may not necessarily agree with what they have to say, its imperative to understand that every single human being deals with their stress in their own way and if a listener is at a similar stage, these suggestions can turn out to be incredibly helpful and moreover a great learning experience. While the atmosphere regarding the entertainment industry is turning toxic and corrosive in the past few months, all we are trying to do is provide value and create positivity in the minds of our listeners.


You can follow us on Instagram as NurtureLife Talks, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel NurtureLife Talks with Sahar. You can also connectwith us on Facebook by joining our Facebook Group named NurtureLife. We are sure that you will love the show.

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