Anuya Trivedi- The Change Within

The founder of a playful organization, ‘Green Buddies’, Anuya was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is a pharmacist and served the Pharma industry for a decade. In between, the journey continued with new roles being a wife and a mother. “Once you become a mother, your perspectives start to change and that is what happened to me,” she says. The ‘change within’ phenomenon made her jump into entrepreneurship.

On a visit to an Anganwadi in Bhopal, Ahmedabad on her son’s birthday, she came to know that they need a swing for the kids. She decided to provide one to them but was in a dilemma of whether purchasing a swing and giving it to them or doing something better. It was then that the idea of using an old tyre and recycling it into a swing for Anganwadi scribbled in her mind. Surprisingly, children loved it. She then shared the picture of the swing with her son’s teacher. The teacher also got really interested in it and asked her to create a customised play zone for the school. And this gave birth to ‘Green Buddies’.

If you are wondering that why tyres, our country generates around 100 million ends of life tyres (and around 1 billion at world level) every year. These discarded tyres are either burnt or they go to the dumping zone which is hazardous to the society. Given this high accessibility, strength, mass and non-biodegradability, tyres are ideal objectives for reusing. This will help in preventing illegal dumping and managing solid waste in a better way. The end result is a beautiful and cost-effective recycled play station.

So far, green buddies have used 5000 discarded tyres and hence has impacted 10000 children in the country by making them happy and healthy and more interactive.

Her mantra is, “Darr sabko lagta hai, gala sabka sookhta hai, darr se matt darro, dar se aage badho, kyonki darr ke agae jeet hai!

Additional Perks!

*Mentor of Change at AIM

*Winner, Global Recycling Heroes 2020

*Incubated at SINE IITB, Wee Foundation

-Team WS anuya

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