Wellness is about Well Being and Well being is all inside and around you in this LIFE. health

What is LIFE? Only opportunity to Live or you can say “TIME between BIRTH and DEATH is LIFE”

WHAT is TIME? Once gone never comes back


WHAT is DEATH? A Exit door from Life saying “Exit with No Entry”

LIFE whenever we talk about it we think about our and our Family’s HEALTH and HAPPINESS. But look at the irony of mindset we forget about being healthy and happy in this life for this life and instead of it our priorities shift looking for having financial freedom, social status and luxuries in life. We take care of our home, vehicle and bank account balance but when it comes investing and taking care of our body where we actually live in we get stuck in questions like I should? I can’t and I won’t?

“Health is Wealth” a very old saying but in normal scenario health takes a backseat when we are busy earning Wealth and we forget that Nothing is as precious and valuable than a SMILE on the faces of your loved ones.

There are many people who want to look good feel good but they also think it will happen by thinking or going against nature like dieting, artificial process etc. We become what we eat. And just adapting a healthy eating habits & Lifestyle corrections we can surely enjoy Earning & being Healthy. But health like Nature only needs you to just follow the process and do the basis and actually keep it simple.

Our Life revolves around Opinion vs Fact given by people around us. It’s an individual choice to follow an opinion or a fact. Fact is reality and opinion is just a viewpoint .Fact is your health is your’s and you are the only one responsible for it. Good health is Healthy Wealth. Life Philosophy plays a major in determining how your life functions on the basis of following facts or opinion. Transformation happens not in one day it happens with working in action to change direction every single day. Develop habits that make you healthy & happy. To build it you need to be a student in life. Know the information think over it and when you put your decision into action you will see the change.

While learning you will see Error in judgment repeated every day results in failure being healthy & happy and Success a few simple disciplines practiced everyday turn’s things around. One month one year Six years time what you are in terms of health, Money & Success will depend on how you managed your own philosophy. Things around you will not be the same .But things change because I choose success with adapting few disciplines.

Don’t expect anything to change around to make your change. When you change everything changes if you get better everything gets better every single day. Things will start changing for you.

Get rid of the problem to change that is YOU. Solution to the problem is also YOU.

Think and build a philosophy so that you become valuable to your loved one.

BUT How?? I can help you to reach to the solution.

In this epidemic scenario when people have realized the importance of health over wealth but what is missing is a direction in which we have to proceed. Role of a Wellness Coach comes into play at this time .A Wellness Coach is a person who work with you for your well being physically, mentally ,emotionally, psychology and spiritually…….

In about a decade long experience as a wellness coach I have realized under desire among people to stay healthy but they do not know how to when to and where to start. While there is no age group limit to start investing on health, I have seen in my experience that even a 7 year old child can teach a 70 year old person a lesson in healthy life. That is why I always say and believe that there should be no hesitance in taking help for starting something good. So Rather than making year lon resolution we should start immediately to work on or real wealth which is our health even if it means taking help of a professional wellness coach or taking lessons in life from a 7 year old.



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