Save Girl Child

Don’t her cries haunt you ,

  Doesn’t your heart ache 

 When you give her this unimaginable pain 

   And kill her before she could even get a chance

    to be awake .

   She takes care of you when she herself is not fine 

   But her happiness always get jeopardized.  

  She goes out of her way to make  you smile 

      But  still her worth , you fail to realise .

     We talk about liberty and equality 

 But where goes our morality 

  when we kill her before she could get a chance 

      to become a reality ,Change your mentality .

       Stop this brutality 

     Because being a girl is not an abnormality .

                     Save girl child ,

                   Let her Shine 

    Because it’s not everyday that God gives 

             You something soo divine .

Tanvi Mishra 

Class- IX

1st Position 

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