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Cover Photo Credits: Rhea Kewalramani

Jalpa H Vithalani is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. She is the Creative Head & Director of Cosmic Heart Gallery in Mumbai. She is also the Founder & Director of Global Agritech (I) Pvt Ltd. & the Vice President of the Western India Floriculture Association. She is also the President of BPW South Mumbai and Director, Operations of Humans for Humanity (NGO).
Let’s know more about this amazing person, the wonderful work she is doing.

1. What inspires you most? jalpa

When I think of inspiration, I think of life. Everything around me – the moments of complete stillness, a conversation with my father, the melody of a song, and the exhilaration of exploring something new. Inspiration comes to me through the things I feel passionate about. I believe in going with the flow and making choices spontaneously. When something touches me deeply and makes a transformational impact in my life, I get inspired. I express that transformation and share its power with others. This unravels my creativity, makes me happy, and motivates me to give back to life.

2. You are engaged in so many different industries? What keeps you going to the next thing?

I have always followed my instinct and done what makes me happy. So, whether it was engaging in floriculture, paving my way into the art world, healing, taking decisions for the Global Group, philanthropic work – it has all come from a place of passion and complete joy. It never felt like work, it felt like fulfilling my life purpose.

If some work or an opportunity is coming my way, all I ask myself is, “Why not?” This is what has kept me going. Before I make up a reason to say no, I give myself several reasons to say yes!

3. Tell us something about the creative gallery?

Before the Cosmic Heart Gallery became a reality, it was a dream. I dreamt it all – from the name, location, logo to the philosophy of the space. It took me an entire year to bring my dreams to fruition. As an artist, I knew how to put brush to canvas. The Gallery made me see the art world in a new light, I met up with creatives around the world and it evoked within me a vision of a space that embraced all art forms. The Cosmic Heart Gallery is based in South Mumbai and has hosted over 200 events & exhibitions. It is a space that celebrates exquisite art, diversity, true expression, positive frequencies, and the power of the innate creativity that resides in every person. Every exhibition is curated thoughtfully to engulf patrons in experiences that they will carry with them. From a virtual medium to a musical evening, the Gallery is devoted to bringing art into people’s homes and hearts. 

4. Other than being one of the few Reconnective Healing Practitioners in India, you are an entrepreneur as well. What are the core values you work with?

Everything starts with an idea, and that idea needs passion and hard work to bloom brilliantly. Starting small and building a solid foundation that is ever-evolving is important. I would say follow your passion, you become associated with your work then…it is no longer about just doing it. Always work within your set of values and principles. This is very important and something that I have learned. Do not compromise on what you believe in, trust yourself, and always put in your best.

I am a people’s person and have dealt with people be it, employees or clients. I believe in a flat structure and each one becomes a stakeholder, a member of the family. So we are very close-knit in terms of interpersonal relationships and goodwill. The important thing is to value the people around you. This is true wealth.

I have learned from my father that there is always a solution even in tough situations. So one must sit back, reflect and involve others in making important decisions.

I’ve also learned that one must take risks in life. If you limit yourself, you will never attain your full potential. So go out there, enjoy yourself, and prove your mettle. You are unique!! So bring your uniqueness and creativity into your work.

5. What is BPW International? How does it work?

Business & Professional Women (BPW) International is the largest organization in the world for businesswomen. It is prevalent in over 100 countries and stands to empower, promote women and women-led enterprises. It connects women representatives globally, encourages conversations on women’s issues, and consecutively drives change through several initiatives held around the world.

Besides the President of the BPW South Mumbai arm, I have also been appointed on the International Task Force of Arts for Peace & Intercultural Understanding. BPW South Mumbai recently won the international award “BPW Power to Make Difference, Excellent project recognizing the arm’s efforts in the category “Empower Women by Improving Health and the Environment”. We are also working on several projects that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

6. Your message to all the women who aspire to unveil their professional potential and enter the business world?

I would say, embrace your individuality and wield it to make a mark. The professional world embraces those who can speak their mind and back it up with a reason. Hone your skills, present them in a manner that is authentic to you. Dreams change and evolve, you must be fluid enough to change with them. Seize every opportunity that comes your way for you never know which one can lead you to unlock your highest potential.

-by Aditi Gupta

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A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

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