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Snigdha Mishra: Mental Health Educator

I am a Psychotherapist and Mental health Educator. Also founder of Life Surfers, and Founding Member of Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association and Lets Talk( COVID mental health crisis support Helpline ). I’d spent most of my mid to early thirties battling undiagnosed depression, having made the mistake of not seeking help. The memories are mostly […]

Shaheena: Shine Global from Maldives

Brokenness to Awesomeness with DEWDROP :  Shaheena Early Life and First Marriage As a young girl, I read my books aloud due to learning difficulties, which made people say that I am a hard worker. Their words of appreciation made me grow up with confidence. I was the best all-around student in Feydhoo School. However, […]

Palak- The Young Changemaker

Palak began working on education, sustainable development, and youth empowerment since she was 17-year-old. Palak gave up a place in the United Kingdom’s Civil Service to return to India to help the country meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She co-founded the ‘Green Governance Initiative’ to influence policy to reflect the development goals and […]

Shaan Suhas Kumar- a Global Climate Ambassador

Shaan was India’s representative to Miss Earth 2017. She represented India in Manila, the Philippines in October 2017 in the world’s third-biggest and environmentally inclined beauty pageant – Miss Earth, where she was adjudged to be among the top 16 in environmental awareness and intelligence among 85 representatives from different countries. She is also the […]

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