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Versha Verma, Daughter of Lucknow- Ferries dead bodies of COVID-19 victim free

Some people are born tough and strong. Some choose the very difficult and unique path to pursue their dreams and get satisfaction out of that. But today we will discuss someone who is a combination of both. She is tough, strong, confident, and has chosen the path which no one can even think of doing […]

Social Saheli – How women entrepreneurs in are telling their stories online

socialsaheli.com is a one of its kind platform which trains women from self-help groups in mobile storytelling and digital skills so that they are able to tell their stories, gain financial independence and build their business online using their mobile phones.  Powered by People Like Us Create (Pluc) and over 115 women from self-help groups […]

Kakoli Biswas

–Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Social Worker – Founder of the Juhu Philanthropic Association kakoli kakoli Kakoli Biswas is a dynamic leader, influencer,  philanthropist, humanitarian, social worker, and founder of the Juhu Philanthropic Association in Mumbai, India. She has an inspiring story and is the epitome of strength, love, sacrifice, courage, and determination. Through the generations, her family […]

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