Do you love them? Don’t care for them? books

I’m talking about books! Life

becomes exciting, riveting;  with a

book in hand, soar delightfully, From tales

of fairies, talking Animals, Enid Blyton,

Agatha Christie, it is! Move on to courtroom,

biographies, travels, mythology, history.

What is not there to be read and reread?

Borrowing from library with meagre pocket money

Exchanging with friends, driving a hard bargain

Now blessed to have a library full!

Family of Readers we are, and proud to be

Books are our companions, in company

In solitude, here, there, everywhere

Books make us question, ponder, discuss

Debate, make us write, give wings to thoughts!

Kindle has entered, we have part converts

But the touch, feel, scent of books

That is comfort, like in Mother’s lap?

The rain splashing the windows,

The fifty degree heat, the cold makes me

Curl up with a book, and be transported

Into the pages of lives of others,

Worrying, smiling, teary eyed too!

Reading a passion, worth cultivating

Giving knowledge, guidance, inspiration

Ups or downs, this friend is by your side

Give books a chance, you will love them!

– poem by Prabha Raghunandan

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