My First Super Hero- My Dad

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Dad who is the most Handsome, strong, and kind in the world! Your love, care, and support mean everything to me. You inspire me every day with your endless love and dedication. Your love has shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for showering me with your love every single day. You're the best! ✅💕💯❤️ Shared By : Monika Kapoor
My Father influenced my life by his Religious and humble nature. He always teach us to be respectful to elders and spreading happiness.... 💞🥰 My Dad is #Superdad and cool as he sacrificed a lot to give us quality education due to which today where I am I am due to him. He is very supportive, motivating and Inspirational. I am very lucky to have him in my life... Love you Dad❤️😍 Shared By : Ashish Jain

My dad is my Superhero not only because He is the one, I look up to every day but also because he is very kind-hearted and a hard-working person who always thinks of everyone else first. He is a very soft-spoken and fun-loving person who loves to crack jokes to put a smile on others’ faces.

He is my best friend because he always believed in me and always stand by my side through all thick n thin. I always try to live my life the way my father lives .he is my idol who taught me not to be afraid to fail and to believe in myself.

He never believed in gender roles ..MOM AND Dad were just named after him. So he always used to help mom in every possible house chores, he can. I remember how Dad taught me to make my first-morning tea for him when Mom was not there. And I used to love it. I have wonderful memories with Dad of watering plants and maintaining a beautiful garden in the front yard of my house every morning..

He always used to encourage me to plant trees, so that I learn to value my food which was a life lesson for me …. and after he used to come back from the office. we used to play some board games for sometimes without fail. This made our bond stronger than before, and now I always miss those moments.
I always dreamt of having a life partner like my daddy. He is the best father I could ever ask for …Thank you and love you for everything Papa. Very Happy Father’s Day papa

Shared By : Ruchika Sanghvi



I am very close to my dad. He is definitely the wind beneath my wings. There are far too many memories!
I appreciate every little thing he did for me. Things like carrying me on his shoulders. Things like tying my shoelaces. Things like giving me his dessert every single time even when I didn’t ask for it. Things like pushing me to try that sport I didn’t like initially. How would he know I’d end up loving it so much that I can’t stay without it now? Things like looking at my crayon doodle and pretending it was the most beautiful painting in the world. Things like answering every single one of my stupid questions.

For picking me up and dusting me off every time I fell and then letting me try again. At that time he didn’t get his favourite jacket to buy me my favourite toy. For giving me his tie, rather than tying it for me for my first prom night. For hiding my school grade sheets from my mother when I flunked in a subject. For being firm with me even though it broke his heart to do so. For watching over me from afar yet giving me the space to make my own mistakes and learn my own lessons. For fearing for me yet never letting it show on his face. And most importantly, for letting me be me.He made me apologize when I didn’t want to and taught me humility. He forgave my biggest blunders and taught me forgiveness. He taught me how to live without fear and to give without expectation.I understand, now that I’ve grown up a bit, all he did, he did for my sake.

“He gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person…he believed in me!” -unknown.

Today, I know why my father is truly a rich man.... because his kids run into his arms even when his hands are empty!

Shared By :  Nidhi Agarwal

Prudhvi’s stiff muscles loosened as he stepped out of the courtroom.Tears that once stung his eyes seemed to have disappeared. His hair appeared a shade of auburn under the bright sunlight. The warm breeze ruffled his crisp white shirt as he stood soaking in the surroundings.

“You are a free man,” a voice boomed.

He turned and saw that his father stood by his side flashing a smile brighter than ever. Lowering his gaze, he reflected on the events that had occurred over the past few months. Rupa had flung a divorce notice at him before she walked out of his life. Days passed. He dwelled in astate of pain until the police officials visited him one morning.

Your wife has filed a complaint against you,” the official’s words sent a chill down his spine. His legs wobbled and he was about to collapse when his father intervened, “What are the charges?”

“Physical and emotional abuse,” answered the official.

Prudhvi trembled. He loved Rupa deeply. Not once did he think that she would slap a police case against him. That too a false one. He grappled with emotions experiencing a loss of words. His father stepped forward and said, “Officer, my son is innocent.”

“He has to come to the station with us,” the officer didn’t budge.

The next few months passed in proving his innocence.

“Let’s go home. Your mother must be waiting for you,” his father smiled. Prudhvi tottered. But his father stood tall and strong by his side, supporting him during the ups and downs.

“You are my hero, Dad. Thank you for everything. You were there for me when no one was,” Prudhvi’s eyes misted.

His father stroked his hair and marched ahead gesturing to Prudhvi to do the same.

Shared by : Prudhvi


मैं उम्र के छठे दशक में हूँ . पहले पापा नहीं बाबूजी कहा जाता था. मेरे बाबूजी की परिस्थिति वश स्कूली शिक्षा नहीं हो पाई थी परंतु वह शिक्षा के महत्व को जानते थे .वह चाव से धर्मयुग, साप्ताहिक हिंदुस्तान ब्लिट्ज, नवनीत आदि पढते थे . 
उस कालखंड में बच्चों और पिता के रिश्ते के बीच आजकल की तरह लाड़प्यार की जगह एक छोटी  सी दूरी होती थी . हम सब भाई बहन उनकी हूँ..हूँ…से ही डर कर किताब खोल कर कोने में दुबक जाते थे . उन्हीं बाबूजी को अपने बच्चों के संग बच्चा बन कर खेलते देख आश्चर्य होता . मेरे कड़क बाबूजी एकदम बदल गये थे और बच्चों की सारी जिद् पूरी करते थे  . उनका यह अनोखा रूप देख मैं विस्फरित नेत्रों से उन्हें देखती ही रह जाती . . महान् कवि नागार्जुन को घर पर भोजन के लिये लेकर आये . धुंधली सी याद है …ग्रामीण परिवेश में साधारण सा व्यक्तित्व था. 
उनका कहना था कि जीवन में झूठ और दिखावे से दूर रहो… जो कुछ भी प्रभु ने दिया है उसके प्रति आभार मानो और सदा प्रसन्न रहो . वह गरीब बच्चों की शिक्षा के लिये आजीवन सहायता करते रहे .  लेखन के लिये उन्होंने ही  मुझे प्रेरित किया . 
जब मैने बी.ए. पास किया तो उन्होंने कहा कि अब पढने की जरूरत नहीं है ….. घर के काम सीखो .. मैं उनसे अपनी नाराजगी जाहिर नहीं कर सकती थी..मां से बोली , यदि मेरी जगह बेटा होता तो उसकी पढाई भी क्या बाबूजी बंद करवा देते . मेरी बात उनके दिल को लग गई और उन्होंने मुझे पी.एच. डी. करने से भी नहीं रोका लेकिन शादी तय हो जाने के कारण मैंने स्वयं नहीं ज्वायन किया . 
मेरे बाबूजी मेरे आदर्श थे .वह दयालु , धार्मिक , कर्तव्यनिष्ठ और अनुशासन प्रिय थे . 

पद्ना अग्रवाल

Going to school by walking with my dad only. Going to Gurudwara every day. Signing the result sheet from Papa. When I always stood first in my class then he used to give me a new pencil or a pen because he has a stationary shop.

When I have grown up, he used to talk with my friends or their parents and get daily updates about me without knowing me He was there with my first interview for the job and when I got selected in the Best school, he was crying. That was the most memorable day for me when I got the job just because of his efforts and his sacrifices for me. 
When I got married then the most memorable moment was when he was doing my KANYADAAN I want tohe moment I was born was I think the best memory of me with my daddy although I didn’t remember There are a lot of favourite memories of me with my daddy like taking me to the zoo or circus every Sunday Take me out with my mommy through his bajaj scooter and eating paani puri at thele or some small shop.

Write a few lines for my dad – I feel safe when you are with me;You show me fun things to do; You make my life much better; The best father I know is you. You are my hero, Dad You’re my secure foundation. When I think of you, I’m filled with love And fond appreciation. You make me feel protected; I’m sheltered by your care.

You’re always my true friend; and Dad, When I need you, you’re always there. You have a place of honour Deep within my heart. You’ve been my superhero, Dad, Right from the very start.

   I'm happy you're my Dad And so I want to say I love you, Dad, and wish you A Happy Father's Day! 

Shared By : Raveena Punjabi

" A daughter may outgrow a father's lap but she will never outgrow his heart "

With the advancement in technology, we can upload files and photos but can we upload our sweet childhood cuddles, hugs, love, time spent, tantrums, Never – Ever possible.

I have a unique relationship with my father. I and my father’s age difference is the same as me and my son’s…so clear age difference connection between my Father – myself and – my son…we are connected by our initial name letter “V’ connectivity. My daughter’s first baby word “hajj” is also a nostalgic feeling.

A good education can make a lifelong impact. He believes that by educating a  child you are educating the entire community My parents gave us three daughters such qualified education believing that we could stand on our legs if at all we face any hardships in our life anytime…I am so lucky daughter to have that “Teacher-Student” relationship with my father while pursuing my MBA education. My father was the pioneer Director of Besant MBA Institute, Mangalore and me the privileged daughter to be among the first batch of students to study under his guidance and leadership…The subjects taught by him then – Operations Mangt, Statistics, and Research Techniques made me follow in his footsteps of becoming a Lecturer and teaching the same subjects. Whenever someone compliments me saying “You are Dr G.V. Shenoy’s daughter is indeed proud! I had to leave my Teaching profession to take care of my kids but encouragement from my family made my baking passion “VB Delights” open up.

16 years have rolled on, and I have been married off but many many more childhood memories – my first periods, my 10th board and 12th board exams, I really missed my father’s presence as during those years he was staying alone / working abroad to make our future secure…while my mother took utmost care of her three daughters here

A few qualities of my father – facing hardship, the importance of girls’ education, sharing and caring, dedication, discipline, perseverance, setting a goal for oneself and many more have indeed taught us that life is all about learning, unlearning and relearning…If books taught me theories, life’s practicality was taught by my parents.

In the darkest days when I feel inadequate, unloved, unworthy, I remember I am his daughter and that itself boosts me up…Behind every daughter is truly an inspirational DAD…my sisters pull my leg and say I am “Papa ki chamchi but I say I am still my Papa’s little Pari “ …If at all I get a magic wand I want to go back to my parents as their tiny 12-year little girl wearing the bday frock which I still treasure !!

Shared by : Veena Shenoy Padiyar

My Papa, our hero took care of us as mummy used to be unwell. In fact, he was our mother also. From packing our lunchboxes to making my plaits he did everything single-handedly but happily. He gave us the greatest gift in the world-SMILE. He used to tell us to smile no matter what. As there are many in this world who don’t even have what we have.

Way back in 1971, when war was going on between India and Pakistan, Papa was posted at Patiala. Mummy had Asthma and that fateful evening she had her asthmatic attack. Papa was called from the office by neighbours who were watching over not only her but me and my elder brother also. Papa came running and by that time doctor also reached there. The doctor began with treatment but realised that he doesn’t have the injection which could save her life. All were taken aback as after dusk blackouts used to take place. No one was allowed to switch on the light as Pak aircraft could drop bombs tracing that light. Markets used to be shut down after sunset. Papa was sure that he has to bring medicine for mummy at all costs. Others had no clue that when the entire market is closed how will he get the medicine and they were sure that mummy won’t survive. Papa took me,2 and a half years old, along with him[I refused to stay at home and was crying bitterly] on his bicycle and peddled in the dark for the market.

He knew one Sardarji, owner of a pharmacy. Obviously, Sardarji refused to open a shop following government orders. Papa called for Sardarni, pleaded and gave me to her saying you keep this girl now with you as her mother will die today, who will take care of her now. Sardarni ji took charge and threatened Sardarji to open a shop or else she will leave him. Sardarji had another door of the shop from inside the house. He handed over the injection and didn’t charge for it also. By the time I was asleep. Sardarniji tied me on Papa’s back with the help of her dupatta and Papa reached home. Mummy survived because of my Papa’s grit and Waheguruji’s grace.

Shared By : Archana Misra

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