TOP 10 Influencers 2023

In the dynamic realm of digital influence, where voices echo across platforms, shaping trends and narratives, WomenShine unveils a compelling showcase of the “TOP 10  Influencers of 2023”
As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, these influencers stand out for their authenticity, creativity, and the profound impact they’ve had on diverse communities. From championing important causes to igniting trends that resonate across borders, each influencer on this list has carved a unique space in the digital sphere. Behind the glossy façade of curated content lies a wealth of inspiration, empowerment, and a commitment to authenticity. These influencers have become beacons of positivity, breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and leaving an enduring imprint on the hearts and minds of their followers. Join WomenShine as we embark on a journey to celebrate these digital trailblazers. Beyond follower counts and engagement metrics, this feature delves into the essence of influence—the ability to inspire, uplift, and shape the conversations that matter. Let us shine a spotlight on those who have not only harnessed the power of social media but have also leveraged it to create meaningful connections and catalyze positive change. Stay tuned as we reveal the faces behind the feeds, the minds behind the messages, and the hearts behind the handles. The “TOP 10  Influencers of 2023” are poised to captivate, inspire, and redefine the landscape of digital influence in ways that transcend screens and touch lives. Get ready to be inspired, as we showcase the influencers who are not just shaping trends but influencing a brighter, more empowered future for us all. Welcome to the WomenShine salute to the influencers who define the spirit of 2023.


Shreya Khatri

Food Influencer

I began food blogging fueled by my passion for capturing moments through photography and my fascination with food. It’s a journey where every dish tells a story, and my blog becomes a canvas for sharing these culinary memories.
Navigating my food blogging journey encountered roadblocks due to limited friends and travel opportunities. Despite these challenges, I’ve focused on creating unique content, exploring local flavours, and building connections online to overcome the constraints of physical presence.

Diksha Malik 

Fitness Coach

Diksha Chhabra emerges as one of the leading influencers of 2023, showcasing a remarkable journey from overcoming health challenges to evolving into a fitness icon. Her narrative is a testament to resilience, triumphing over adversity.
What distinguishes her is the relatability of her story—a woman from a middle-class background transforming personal obstacles into a flourishing fitness enterprise. Progressing from 100 kilos to a fitness authority, and guiding a community of 50,000+, her journey is truly inspiring. Through the use of technology and social media, she has left a global impact, assisting individuals worldwide.
Her unwavering commitment is evident in acquiring certifications, and her diverse programs cater to various needs, whether it’s weight loss, personalized plans, or support for lactating mothers—demonstrating a holistic approach. Boasting over 273k genuine Instagram followers and collaborations with reputable brands, she transcends mere influencer status, catalyzing change.
From delivering TED talks to inspiring others with her tale of turning small efforts into significant achievements, she embodies the spirit of transformation.


Krithi Kuttathil 

Beauty Influencer
  I was in my first year of college, and at that time I had only two things that I called makeup, my kohl and my lip balm. I was selected for the college fashion show and saw people wearing makeup, I didn’t even know what most of the things that they were using were, I politely asked them if I could use their products, but they denied l. I did feel bad but post that I was very curious to try makeup. And then one day I started filming myself while applying my mom’s makeup, figuring out how exactly is it used. And then with every new day, I started loving makeup, was always excited to learn new techniques, and loved it when I had my little vanity of makeup. And today year we are, it’s almost 6 years, growing every day and falling in love with the world of makeup a little more every day.
 Back when I started creating content, nobody even thought that this could be a job, Full-time was no change, I was asked to keep this as a hobby only, because of which I couldn’t give a lot of time to my content creation, lost many opportunities because of that, had to take a break because of health issues, but what’s the fun if there are no barriers right?

Tanya Singhal

Renewable Energy Influencer
After graduating from IIT Delhi and a few years into my consulting career at BCG, a pivotal moment in 2010 led me to start my entrepreneurial journey in renewable energy. I founded SolarArise to make solar prices at par, or even lower, than conventional power. 
Slowly I kept moving towards making my vision into a reality and 10 years later, after raising and deploying >2000 Rs Cr of capital to successfully build 7 solar plants totalling ~half a GW at sub-coal power prices, I could power >250,000 homes and reduce >600,000 tons of CO2 emissions/annum and today our assets are listed as a part of a trust on the London Stock Exchange. Solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels!
I strongly believe it is a myth that Infrastructure is a man’s world. Maybe historically, by the sheer numbers, it has been, but it’s no longer true.  I have been to construction sites, worn hard hats, visited Chinese module factories, taken roles across the value chain and encouraged my female colleagues to do the same.
 I have been in board rooms full of men and yet never felt out of place! I have also been on the government ministry panels, many times as the only young woman. Achieving a successful exit with SolarArise listed on the LSE underlines the credibility of women as formidable leaders in infrastructure and sustainability.

Mridula Khanna

Mom & lifestyle influencer
Award Winning Mom Influencer (awarded by Dr Kiran Bedi ji and felicitated at Vidhan Sabha, Delhi by Chambers of Trade & Industries.
I started my journey in 2019 when my daughter Zeeva was born. My journey from an HR Manager to an Artist Manager to a Mom Blogger.
I have studied English Literature at Delhi University and hold an MBA degree, I have worked in MNCs in Human Resources for 8 years and for 6 years as an Artist Manager (presently working too).
For me, motherhood revamped her career. “After my delivery, I thought my career was over, but I was wrong.” I never knew my career would be reinvented and shaped “online,” and I am grateful and humbled”. When my daughter was born I just couldn’t connect with her, as there was something that was bothering me – had just one question in mind, is my career over after a baby?
 I was kind of depressed and shattered, couldn’t bond with my baby easily, took me around 3-4 months to bond with my baby. From the outside, I looked happy but thus thought was killing me inside. I know a lot of moms would not even talk about it, as they feel what will society think of them, they will judge them, and label them as bad moms. I joined back my work-from-home job as an artist manager after 20 days of maternity break. Generally, moms enjoy the maternity break but for me, it was a depressing phase. My brother suggested I convert my Instagram page from a private to a public page, and after a lot of thought, I did it. He asked me to share my mom’s journey with new moms, to be moms.
After 2 years of my marriage, I convinced my father-in-law and joined as a Manager HR in an IT firm. I had this great sense of accomplishment as I’m the only woman in the entire clan to start working after marriage in my husband’s huge family Then had to leave my job when I was expecting, as wanted to avoid travel every day, but joined an artist manager work from home job.

Akshita Vohra

Fashion Influencer

I am a Fashion Content Creator based out of Chandigarh. My journey began on a WordPress blog and by promoting it on Instagram with the mere intention of staying in touch with Fashion with my Fashion design degree. Little did I know Content Creation was a career in itself. Initially, I shot for my seniors as a model for their projects and then I started posting about what I wear and the thought process behind it. The moment I started creating content regularly for the sole purpose of reaching out to the audience which was just within a few months after starting my page, I started getting work and it hasn’t stopped ever since. I have worked 3 years during my college and 1 year after that as a part-time creator but now as a full-time job for the last three years, it has been nothing short of incredible. All the luxury brands that I dreamt of once are now affordable and have bagged quite a few projects along the journey which I’m proud of.

There would be a lot of self-doubt each time the growth pace was slow Every time I tried to switch to a stable income source by pursuing influencer marketing jobs I realised this profession needed my full-time attention and that’s when it started turning out to be more fruitful. Brands worked with Forever New (featured on their Billboards too) Tata Cliq, Nykaa Fashion, Crocs, Uniqlo, Nexus Elante Mall Chandigarh, Marks & Spencer, Lakme, Dove, Madame, Amazon, Mochi etc.

Ritu Madaan

Mom & Lifestyle Influencer
Ritu Madaan comes from a Doctor family, her father is a General Physician and her mother is a Gynaecologist. So you can imagine the kind of pressure she would have been under to continue the legacy and become a successful doctor. But destiny had some other plans for her, after completing her B.Sc she started taking coaching classes for Bank PO. Here comes the twist, after 3 months she met the love of her life and they decided to tie the knot, “Jhat Maangni, Patt Byaa”. On her Instagram page, she shares real moments of motherhood, and you can’t miss some quirky content too. Initially, when she started her Page on Instagram her family thought she was just wasting time and energy. But later when PR packages and money kept flowing in her family got to know that she was doing something right and commendable. Soon her family started supporting and appreciating her work. Her relatives and friends look at her options and review products for childcare and personal care. She adds, “Creating content on Instagram isn’t an easy job. Being a full-time mom, wife, daughter-in-law and content creator is no joke. It takes a lot of hard work, brainstorming, confidence, time and energy”. 

Ami Savla

Social Media Marketing Influencer
She has also catered to the Social Media Training needs of many companies, one of the recent being The French Tourism, Mumbai. She recently also conducted social media sessions for 1000+ doctors across 5 cities across India.
She has been featured in 26 newspapers and e-magazines as inspiring startup storiesSome of these include The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Midday, Chitralekha, Hindustan Times, DNA India, and, Sheroes, Business Nonstop, Sniffer, MumbaiMag, Smart India Women, Naari Sakhi, Love Doodle, My City Woman and Storified. me.
Recently she was interviewed by CNBC Bazaar for their show ‘Tech Guru’.
In the year 2017, she was invited as a Panelist by the Google Developer Group – Mumbai chapter. On account of International Women’s Day, in the year 2016, she was invited as a panelist by K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research for their panel discussion ”Women Entrepreneurs and Road Ahead’  and in the year 2015, she was invited by Google Developer Group – Mumbai chapter to deliver a talk on ‘Women and Tech’.
Ami has delivered various talks on Social Media in various prime institutes and communities in Mumbai. She has also been awarded 9 times for her work in the digital space.
She has been a Visiting Faculty at NMIMS on the subject of Social Media Marketing and has also delivered guest lectures at reputable institutes such as SNDT, SIES, Dhanukar College and K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management.

Sonam Puri

Lifestyle Influencer
I started my Instagram page in 2012 after I got married but it was more about posting my travel pictures and sometimes food. It was only after I became a parent that I started to convert that page from being a photo gallery to a blog.
 I was on maternity for a year and wanted to write about my experience as a parent. I have been working since my college days, and staying home was always boring but with Coco that attitude and life changed. I never thought motherhood would be such a bliss. This bliss had several challenges as well so I planned to make people aware and inform them about solutions to those challenges.
 The most challenging is to keep going. With a full-time job and family to take care of, Instagram is an added hustle but it is something I am passionate about thus I keep going. Though there are days when I take digital breaks I come back mindfully.


Nagaz Bubber

Lifestyle & Mom Influencer

Nagaz’s journey has been phenomenal and inspiring, with a following of 100k. She started it during covid phase to keep herself and her daughter engaged with something. The mom-daughter duo caught people’s eyes within no time and became everyone’s favourite. Having collaborated with top-notch brands, Nagaz’s content has always been real and entertaining. 

She is unflinchingly vocal about her opinions. 

She has hosted events for Hamleys, Barbie, L’Occitane and many more brands. 

To help budding influencers, she has created a platform for them too. Truly, one of a kind!

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