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~Soar into Love with whimsical designs this Valentine’s Day~

With the season of love upon us,set your hearts aflutter and embrace the magic of love. Mia by Tanishq one of India’s most fashionable jewellery brands invites you to celebrate your loved one and express your deepest emotions with the launch of its exclusive Valentine’s Day collection – ‘The Cupid Edit’.

The latest addition to Mia by Tanishq’s repertoire, ‘The Cupid Edit,’ draws inspiration from the phrase of the season, “Love is in the air.” The exquisite pieces in the collection capture the light-hearted feeling of flying through the sky and floating among the clouds, making them the perfect embodiment of the joy and weightlessness that love brings. At the core of the collection are the mesmerizing winged hearts and delicate butterflies, symbolizing the fluttering sensation that accompanies the magic of love. The stunning collection also features modular pieces, including magnetic pendants that effortlessly transform into two distinct pieces of jewellery.

The use of magnets and links in intricate designs adds an element of versatility, allowing wearers to express their unique style. Some pieces in The Cupid Edit prominently feature the exquisite Rhodolite gemstone, known for its deep red and pink hue, symbolizing passion and love.

This rich gemstone adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to each piece, making them the perfect tokens of affection for your loved ones. Gifting a marvellous piece of jewellery is a beautiful way of saying ‘I love you’ to your forever– a sentiment that lasts forever. This Valentine’s Day, #KahoKuchSpecial and celebrate your love by selecting a piece from Mia’s collection of trendy, versatile, and stylish jewellery pieces. Mia’s curated selection serves as more than just a gift; it embodies meaning, making it an ideal choice for expressing love in a tangible and enduring way. Whether you are marking a significant milestone, proposing to your beloved, or simply wanting to make this Valentine’s memorable, Mia’s collection offers pieces that resonate with the authenticity of your emotions.

To add to the excitement, Mia is delighted to gift an unforgettable trip to Bali for 10 couples who celebrate their love with the brand though the #BaliWithMia* competition. This exclusive getaway is Mia’s way of expressing gratitude to those who have chosen Mia as their companion on love-filled adventures.

Speaking on the collection, Ms. Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, said, “The Cupid Edit’ by Mia by Tanishq makes picking the perfect piece as breezy and exciting as the fluttering feeling of love. It’s a delightful gift that effortlessly reflects one’s sincerity and thoughtfulness while adding a touch of whimsy to the relationship. With charming pieces that sweep them off their feet, let Mia be your ultimate wingman this Valentine’s.”

This Valentine’s, let Mia be the messenger of your heartfelt emotions, delivering not just a gift but a lasting symbol of your enduring love. Immerse yourself in Mia by Tanishq’s ‘The Cupid Edit’ Collection, where love takes flight with fashionable and trendy designs at a sweet selling price points. ‘The Cupid Edit’ has a range of earrings, pendants and neckpieces etc. The collection is available across all Mia stores and on E-commerce platform

About Mia by Tanishq

Born with the heritage and the legacy of Tanishq, Mia is a brand of bold, modern and chic jewellery. For the young and at the young at heart and the stylish, Mia crafts gold jewellery in designs that are unique, minimal and extremely versatile. Featuring a wide range, the collections from Mia are designed to accessorize you for every moment and every occasion effortlessly. Crafted in 18kt & 14kt gold, Mia’s diamond jewellery range has over 1500 designs starting at Rs.4999/-*. Mia is a network of 160+ standalone stores and present in leading Tanishq stores. It has a presence from our home page and across other online platforms and

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