A Mother’s Take to Mental Well-being!

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Mental Health is a broad term used by all but face difficulty managing the same. Many symptoms of mental health may overlap with regular emotions expressed by a person.  It may be hard for that individual to discern whether their sadness is something that needs professional help versus something that is part of everyday life.

Why do mothers ignore their Mental Health?

This could be for various reasons: sheer lack of awareness, a non-understanding household, smaller anxieties for newbie mothers, insomnia, or other clinical conditions. Many times most mothers have no idea what they are going through, they might be clueless about all the signs that depict “I am undergoing a breakdown”

The stigma attached to mental health combined with family pressure becomes a barrier to discussion of her problems. The image that mothers ought to live up to; is the “Nurturer”, the “Magician” that they think of themselves to be as role models to their children.

The ones who are extremely vulnerable, seek empathy, and understanding, and often suffer from a very commonly used term called “MOM GUILT”

They generally face mental health concerns such as:

●        Post-Partum

●        Body Image Issues

●        People not understanding them

●        Suspiciousness

●        Maternal Burnout

●        Extreme Stress and Anxiety

●        Panic related to kids, themselves, family or any loved one

●        Compulsive tendencies arising due to the pandemic which hasn’t ended well

They need to be taught self-care methods, the importance of time and prioritizing self in many situations.

How should mothers prioritize their Mental Health?

Well-being and self-care activities could include:

●        Pampering self

●        Cooking or dining out with friends and eating things one may like in particular

●        Practising Art: Paint, Drawing, Dance, Music or any sports activity

●        Planning an Outing

●        Journaling

●        Watching good and positive content -maybe a movie outing

●        Photography

●        Pursuing a hobby

●        Meditation / Yoga

●        Spiritual practices

Social conditioning works really well, family plays a vital role in this and will help every mother to stay mentally and physically strong and healthy.

Mental Well-being can be prioritized. It has to be cultivated to practise effectively! 

Shared by : Archana Padhye, HOD

Counselling & Special Education at Orchids The International School


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