The toxicity of Positive thinking

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And, it may stir a question 

Toxicity and that too positive thinking ? 

To constantly think positive , and words like positive rebellion, positive transformation are  like glorifying positivity unnecessarily. 

Doesn’t it put the man on a pedestal and pressure him to stay upbeat no matter how  difficult the circumstances are? 

And to wonder, when someone ends their life, just a few hours away from having a merry,  joyous, chuckling time with friends and family. 

Think of the weight of the words like “keep smiling”  

“It’s ok , have a cup of coffee” to stay positive. 

Bypassing the emotions and ignoring the root of any challenge will never give long term  solutions, the volcano may erupt any time, suppressed deep inside the heart of the earth. 

Acceptance of the pain, being vulnerable about the fears,  

finding realistic, practical ways  


most importantly venting out emotions,  

go a long way , then simply by passing, the darkness in the name of positivity! 

For you may apply *zandu balm* for your headache, for that momentary soothing, it may  stay permanently silently as the tainted infiltrate 

unless the root cause is addressed. 

And offering fake consolations to ourselves, saying that the mental health was always  good, and perfectly alright, is like saying one never had a cough , cold or fever their entire life. 

This Mental health awareness month, let’s make emotional wellness a priority, and mental  being as important as physical fitness .

Shared by: Purrna Kraleti,

Founder Soul Spa



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