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The toxicity of Positive thinking

And, it may stir a question  Toxicity and that too positive thinking ?  To constantly think positive , and words like positive rebellion, positive transformation are  like glorifying positivity unnecessarily.  Doesn’t it put the man on a pedestal and pressure him to stay upbeat no matter how  difficult the circumstances are?  And to wonder, when […]

Mindfulness and Meditation for seniors: Cultivating Mental Well-being in Senior Living Communities.

As India experiences a profound demographic shift towards an ageing population, the need for housing tailored to the unique needs of seniors becomes increasingly urgent. Termed the “silent grey tsunami,” this demographic transformation presents both challenges and opportunities for the real estate industry, particularly in the realm of senior living communities. Currently, seniors constitute 12 percent of India’s population, with projections indicating […]

Nourishing the Mind: Nutritional Strategies to Combat Stress

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress has become an unwelcome yet frequent visitor in our daily lives. It can have profound impacts on our mental and physical health. However, while nutrition alone can’t solve all emotional issues, adopting a holistic lifestyle approach, including what we eat, can significantly alleviate stress. The Role of […]

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