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a)    Commencement of Little Seekers and its journey

Covid has impacted the lives of everyone. But most of all, it adversely impacted young kids. We realized this when post covid, in May 2021, we threw a birthday bash for my elder son. It was at this party that I noticed something very strange.

It seemed like the kids had forgotten to interact, have fun and play with each other. A couple of months later, it was my younger son’s birthday. This time I called only a few kids his age and used his routine toys, like a slide, battery car, small trampoline, etc., as activities. The kids were familiar with these toys and were instantly attracted towards them. They felt comfortable playing with these toys, and gradually by the end of the party, my son had made new friends. 

After the party, a few moms contacted me and requested to arrange for a similarly safe, but fun play area for their kid’s party as well. I discussed the idea with my husband, and with his support, Little Seekers was born. 

b)   Idea/ reason behind the business

Little Seekers is something beyond business. It was started to give young ones a platform to interact with their peers in a fun manner.

I, myself have experienced the lack of interaction between kids these days (post covid) I came up with the idea to start something that was engaging and fun at the same time.

c)    Your deliverables and expectations from the audience

Very soon, through sheer word of mouth, I started getting orders on a regular basis. Having started off with just basic play area items, like a playing mat, fence, slide, etc., within a year my business scale has grown more than 100 times. I now cater to large parties of 1000 people, where the number of kids using my play area set up is as huge as 100 kids at a time. 

d)   How do you see yourself in the coming times

Little Seekers has become a well-known name in the party circuits of Lucknow. I plan on soon expanding my business to Pune as well. Eventually, I hope to make it a pan-India business.

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