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Valentine’s Week Special: Know The significance of different kinds of Kisses on this Kiss Day

Excerpt- Every human emotion that encapsulates deep love is depicted in a kiss. We bring to you the meaning of the different gestures in a kiss. A kiss is the outpouring of one’s deepest sentiments and devotion. Every year on February 13, a day before Valentine’s Day, the day is observed. A sweet kiss from […]

Valentine’s Week Special- This Hug Day, Know The Health Benefits Of Hugs

Excerpt- Hugs are not just a way to express love but also they bring with themselves a good number of health benefits.  If you prefer hugging, you might want to evaluate its healing potential.  We all know how soothing hugs can be at difficult times, so why just restrict them to a single day? We’ve […]

Valentine’s Week Special: This Promise Day, Know All About Promise Rings

Excerpt- Promise rings are an expression of love and commitment. Know all about them as we discuss their significance.  What Is A Promise Ring? Often known as the pre-engagement ring, it is a piece of jewelry that signifies commitment. It can also be said that a promise of engagement is made with it. For others, […]

Valentine’s Week Special- This Chocolate Day, Know About The World’s Most Expensive Chocolates

Excerpt- Enhance your knowledge about chocolates on this Chocolate Day.  As the third day of Valentine’s Week gushes through the threshold, it brings with it the aroma of cocoa and chocolates. The day is celebrated as Chocolate Day, and you give your loved ones their favorite chocolates.  However, have you ever wondered that the richness […]

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