A Duo, A Dream Team

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The journey of running a business is a challenging one indeed, more so when there’s family involved. However, the one of Dr. Gagan Bhatia and her son, Bhavkaran Bhatia has been an exception to this general notion that revolves around familial businesses. This mother-son duo share a partnership which involves the elements of love, professionalism, creativity and the will to thrive with passion. 

Uniqaya, the brand that emerged in the pandemic has now established itself with a loyal clientele; Something that is rather difficult to achieve without an honest, diligent partnership and an able team. Uniqaya, by the stroke of luck or through the duo’s hard work, has both. 

The duo between the mother and the son comes with a set of responsibilities, or more, that Bhavkaran Bhatia caters to, and does exceedingly well. As the marketing director of UniQaya, his role transcends the interpretation of numerical gains and budget allocations. He’s often at the forefront to direct almost all the meetings, discourses and conversations that revolve around conducting PR activities, digital campaigns and internal resolutions.

Dr Gagan Bhatia can rightly be deemed as the brains behind the entire foundation. The brand runs through her vision and her years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. As a woman who has donned multiple careers in her life and succeeded pretty well in the realm of motherhood as well, there’s no title that fits her role, and what she does for the brand and the team.

Dr Gagan Bhatia is omnipresent and so is her input in the operations related to Uniqaya. 

As a duo, Dr Gagan Bhatia and Bhavkaran Bhatia make it a whole lot more seamless for the team to function together, for the lot has someone to look up to, and the beauty of it is that it isn’t just one person; It’s a duo that works together, for the brand in unison.

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