Supporting COVID-19 Widows : #COVIDWIDOWHELP

The Covid Widow Help initiative aims to help women widows during COVID-19 crisis by providing them round-the-clock support in grief, career counselling, and skill development to earn a stable living. This noble initiative is launched by Mr. Yudhvir Mor, Country Manager and Vice President of Engineering at Zuora,.

Who Are We:

This initiative by our volunteer Mr. Yudhvir Mor  & a couple of his friends/ex-colleagues is intended to be run as a 100% volunteer and society-driven initiative.

We built this program on three core guiding principles:

No finance & Donations: We will not be accepting any donations or funding and neither do we look forward to any monetary benefits.

Priority: Our priority is to help women who lost their partners as a result of the Covid 19 crisis. We understand there are many other equally important causes. For us : Less is More

No Corporate sponsorship : We want to run it as a volunteer driven initiative. We look forward to help from  CxOs, Media and corporate houses to help us reach out to the maximum number of  impacted women.

Our Mission 

We have set up our intentions to empower women who have lost their partners due to the Covid pandemic. When you come to us, rest assured, the first step has already been taken. Our volunteers will find the best fit for your skill sets and will try to connect you with employers. We intend to make this process swift and seamless so that impacted person finds independence and peace at the earliest.

We will be collaborating with companies/organisations that are forerunners in their fields and take their Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously. These would be the leaders who share a vision to not only provide employment to bereaved women but also to give them avenues of professional growth and career development. 

At this time a lot of groups are working to reach out and help sections of the society whose livelihoods are affected adversely by the pandemic directly and indirectly also. 

The aim of Covidwidowshelp is to focus on women who lost their partners, who may/may not have been principal/sole breadwinners of the family. We understand that some of you may have put your careers on the back burner, prioritising your families, and now with the loss of a spouse, you will need to support yourself or your kids and extended family too. 

We will also strive to place women with little or no experience too. We request you not to hesitate and take the first step in a thousand-foot journey and together we shall cover the distance comfortably.

Where are we now 

Started a week ago, now we have 1200+ volunteers signed up and 150+ help requests from impacted women. We are trying to streamline the whole process and soon begin with bridging the gap between employers and candidates. 

Path ahead 

For Volunteers: As it is a completely volunteer-driven program and with so many people coming forward for this cause, we are classifying volunteers into different groups based on their expertise. 

For impacted women: Once a candidate’s profile is received it will be allocated to a volunteer who will be helping the candidate in career counseling, resume building, and job opportunity. 

Goal: Our goal is to help at least 1000 impacted women to start their careers and make them financially independent.  


 If you are looking for volunteering

We really appreciate your passion, can you pls fill online form so that we understand how you can help for this cause effectively

We have now 4000+ volunteers. Truly humbled and more determined to help 

Impacted women:

If you are impacted by COVID19 and lost husband

Please share some details using Google-form so that our volunteers will reach out to you.

NOTE : we will share your details with recruitment team and our volunteers(we are taking utmost care to validate volunteers) volunteers signed up with us.

Current Situation: We would  agree this is an extremely important issue and many women are still traumatized. India is a big demography, and we are getting diversity of profiles with respect to education, location, language, type of support needed. 

Website :

Twitter : @covidwomenhelp 

 Instagram : covidwomenhelp  

FB –

WhatsApp : +91 95282 76958


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