Dr. Sunita Gandhi

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Dr. Sunita Gandhi the ‘Edumonk from Lucknow’ will begin the NAME LITERACY CHALLENGE as part of her Global Dreamshaala program this International Women’s Day. abc

She invokes volunteers to join this crusade to follow up and bring in 100 % literacy to 21st century India.

Through Global Dreamshaala a unique exponentially scalable model she aims at making out-of-school children and illiterate adults literate at an accelerated rate using the Global Dream Toolkit a vastly alternative way of teaching. These segments have suffered more during the COVID period.

A Ph.D. from Cambridge University UK she returned to India after 26 years abroad to help the family with CMS, Lucknow, the world’s largest school.

Dr. Gandhi is the Founder of, Council for Global Education, USA, Global Education & Training Institute, India, DEVI Sansthan: Dignity Education, India, and Education Society of Iceland. Her efforts in education have expanded a vast range, from the bottom up grassroots level in Indian slums and villages through her NGO, to top-down policy work with the World Bank in Washington, DC, where she was selected as a Young Professional and completed a ten-year tenure as an Economist.

Sunita Gandhi has also established her schools, starting with her first school at the age of 14. She has established Iceland’s first two charter schools, an experimental school in the Czech Republic.

Dr. Gandhi leads the # Disruptive Education Movement through initiatives like Ed Leadership Conferences, GETI Live talks, and Teachers’ Training Programs to take India’s education in its entirety from its old moulds into the new directions guided by the New Education Policy, 2020.

Her research work in Iceland, the UK, and India mainstream the principle of ‘compete with yourself’ against ‘compete with others’, published in a 2017 book by Palgrave Macmillan, UK.

Over 500 schools in India and overseas have adopted her curriculum and assessments based on this principle. With this large-scale pilot, she is fine-tuning an education more suited to the needs of children living in the 21st century.TARGETplus Education, a company founded by Dr. Gandhi in 2016 focuses on reducing stress and improving the results of students taking high-stakes examinations.

The foundation of her education is created on Four Building Blocks of Education: Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things, and Service to Humanity.

This Edumonk from Lucknow is relentlessly moving ahead towards new education for a new India. -Team WS

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