Category: World Chocolate Day

A Culinary Innovator: Indu Prasad

Passion@cake is a home bakery located in Hyderabad and owned by Indu Prasad Dipankar, a passionate self-taught baker, and an MBA who has previously worked in content management and market research. Since I was a child, I had a deep fascination with baking and cake decoration, often marvelling at the creation of tall and impressive cakes. My mother, […]

Fondant Love: Sonali

The home baking journey was embarked upon in 2017, where my passion for creating cakes based on different themes was discovered. Initially, simple cream-based cakes were started, but my determination and love for the craft drove me to explore fondant-covered cakes. Over time, elaborate theme-based cakes were designed, skilfully combining both fondant and cream elements. […]

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