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  • Women Shine, Organised a ” Sweet Dish Contest”  and we got amazing recipes from our Readers.
    All the entries were judged by our Chef Neelima Kapoor, Founder of Kapoor’s Cook & Bake.

    The Winner is Jyothi Dev from Iilonis

Athirasam- Sweet and Crispy

Things required:
Sesame Oil
Gingelly oil
 Soak raw rice 1 cup in plain water for one and a half hours
 Drain the water and spread the soaked rice on a towel for 20 min
 Now grind it to fine powder and sieve through fine mesh.
 Now take jaggery three fourth of a cup
 Dissolve in a pan kept on the stove. Keep the flame at medium.
 Boil jaggery till the syrup hardens and could be rolled on to a ball.
 Now add the sieved flour and mix to form a paste. Add dry ginger powder and
cardamom powder 2 tea spoons each.
 Add sesame oil and gingelly oil one tea spoons each
 Keep the batter for at least 12 hours. It will ferment and harden.
 Now keep a pan of oil of your choice.
 When it is sufficiently hot dim the flame to medium.
 Keep one sphere of the batter in between two folds of plastic sheets and press with a
small bowl to spread evenly.
 Now put it in the oil to turn brown in colour
 Keep till brown at medium flame as it has to get cooked from inside.
 You will get crispy athirasam  sweet and tasty.

Two days it turns slightly soggy and this is the right gut stage to eat.

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